They tweet like a bird, have books of your face, and Kindle who?
I can hardly remember which TV button to touch.
I simply don’t understand how to google or text you,
or send instant telegrams in seconds; it’s just too much!
So, it’s better if I keep to my newspapers and such.


Karlee Renkoski is a student attending the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri. Her major is Journalism with an emphasis in Magazine Arts and Culture.

Featured Image: Arrow Shirt Collar advertisement by J.C. Leyendecker.

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  1. Benjamen Grinberg

    I disagree. One should never fall to the ludicrous condition of fickleness, but one should never shun one’s fellow human beings either. Make do with directness. Even if just your words, so much better than silence when there are things to be said.


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