Shall I compare the CCP
To a tragic Shakespeare play?
For all the lies of history
Unfold in China today.

Good and evil set the stage,
The last and final scene.
But those who ‘gainst heaven rage
Know not of the unseen.

Greater forces are at play,
Watching this tragedy,
And those who persecute the good
Will pay eventually.

Black flames of persecution
That jealousy had fanned
Soon grew and smothered the whole nation,
Thus, Falun Gong was banned.

Those who spoke against the lies
Were killed for their belief.
But who knew mountains would arise
From pebbles of defeat?

Courage is not lack of fear
But how we master it.
For values that they hold dear,
real heroes do not quit.

A single candle burns tonight
A sacred memory.
But soon thousands light up the night
In breathtaking glory.

A flame for every daring voice
That stood against the fiends
A flame to let the world rejoice
When at last this madness ends.

And when the final curtain falls,
The performance is done,
The world will see that after all,
The righteous side has won.


Shannon Cong is a student at Fei Tian Academy of the Arts, in Upstate New York.

Featured Image: “Lotus Candle” by Xiaoping Chen. Numerous candlelight vigils have been held around the world to remember Falun Gong practitioners who have died from torture.

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3 Responses

  1. Benjamen Grinberg

    you sincere remembrance of the falun gong stirs my heart temerously
    makes me feel as one
    with your cause your heartfelt praise of this resistance
    of your good and truthful words of evil, cowardice

    but in this life things are so gray in my own mind i feel
    the evil has found a loophole to hurt those that are weak
    to take out anger, wickedness against those who fail to
    stand their own ground in face of fear
    to vanquish this astrew.
    is the process of my own life
    that needs refinement
    in order to make harmonized the outer world’s effects.

  2. Leonard Dabydeen

    Memory that stirs deep, weighing emotions with imagery in your poem, Shannon Cong.


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