A Fifteen-Year-Old’s Response to Frost

“This ‘pome’ don’t make NO sense! What junk!”
the scowling students muttered.
“Two roads in the woods!” one hissed. “Such bunk”–
opinions rudely uttered.

I quelled the urge to hurl my book.
I said, “Can’t you surmise
what they might mean? Let’s take a look.
What might they symbolize?”

One hand shot up–then two–then three!
My probing did the trick.
Alas! Two kids just had to pee.
The other whined, “I’m sick.”

The bell rang. As my prisoners fled,
“Essays next week,” I screamed.
“I ain’t no good at them,” some said.
My mind was gone, it seemed.


The Seasons

Each season comes with unique threats and majesty;
each plays its role in Nature’s year-long pageantry.

As Nature sends spring flowers, autumn leaves,
soft breezes, sunshine, and refreshing rain,
she also rages through with floods and grieves
with droughts and winter storms. She will retain
her power to engender joy and pain.



Places of significance to me
Always lift my spirits for a while.
Regal settings depicted in books
Amaze me, but none can make me smile,
Delight me, like Heaven, as described
In God’s Word–city of pure gold. There
Saints bask in the Savior’s love. For all
Eternity, each is called His heir.


Janice Canerdy is a poet and retired English teacher living in Mississippi.

Featured Image: “A Walk in the Forest” by Niels Christian Hansen

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3 Responses

  1. Benjamen Grinberg

    Ms. Canerdy, i imagine to be a classful southern belle schooled in the old traditions of that time and place. that is my version of “paradise” which, like the poet’s, is paler of shade, than the real thing as described in the holy texts.

  2. Terence Marin

    So sad but true about resistance from students learning poetry. But, there are many victories too!

    • Joseph Charles MacKenzie

      Indeed! And how very nice of Miss Canerdy to give us such playfulness in her phonetic use of an interesting, teen-like vernacular to advance her noble message. This is not easy, to step into a persona in this way, and take the ball all the way to the goal!


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