What if the tall tales we’re told as children, are in fact true?
Lost stories about elves, hobbits, and knights of great virtue-
Waging battles of honor, searching for glorious men,
Fighting wretched villains in disguise once again.
Old lore more true than not, yet older than your oldest thought,
Over time most men lost faith, or simply they forgot.
What if these famed heroes were noble, true, and real?
If Little People ruled in peace with nothing to conceal,
If wands waved fierce, often inciting fear and worry?
If fairies flew round town, their feathers all a flurry—

A nymph, sprite, leprechaun or pixie, comes to play a game—
You see no matter where you roam, they come out all the same.
To be sure you’ll meet a genie, goblin, gnome, or puck-
And they’ll be out to greet you, to grant you some good luck.
Should you wish to play a prank—an imp, dwarf, or midget
Will surely play a song or game, to cheer on you your visit.
In your travels, be sure to catch a mermaid for me;
Watch out for dragons and pirate ships adrift at sea,
Perhaps a troll or sea urchin, will surely lend a hand,
To help you see what life was like before man ruled the land.


Pamela Corbett is a poet living in Bedford Hills, New York. She can be contacted at pamelaacorbett@gmail.com.

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2 Responses

  1. goalpostspace

    gorgeous painting。 gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous。

  2. Evan Mantyk

    I’m reminded of the deep yet whimsical Lord of the Rings. Thank you, Pamela.


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