This dieting can be Hell
With nary a late-night snack
I wage a constant battle
When the hunger pangs attack

And should I dare venture out
To the neighbourhood café
The waitress takes my order
And “salad” is what I say

When at the farmers’ market
I’m careful where I inhale
If too close to the pastries
My diet will surely fail

Falafels and samosas
Torment me in night visions
While lettuce figures largely
In my mealtime decisions

No more tasty onion rings
Or scrumptious golden french fries
No more sublime bread puddings
Lemon squares or berry pies

I only dream of pasta
With rich, red tomato sauce
…That’s until my bathroom scales
Show a substantial weight loss

Every store-bought beverage
Now must bear close scrutiny
And won’t ever touch my lips
Unless it’s calorie free

To date, I’ve lost a few pounds
My step’s a bit more sprightly
I can squeeze into my clothes
And don’t feel so unsightly

So, a salute to all folks
Who must struggle with weight gain
I’m waging that same battle
…And certainly know the pain


Kathy Figueroa is a writer and poet living in Ontario, Canada.

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2 Responses

  1. Janice Canerdy

    I enjoyed this well-written poem, and I can relate to it! Janice Canerdy

  2. Damian Robin

    Well done, Kathy — with the poem and keeping disciplined.

    I posted it on my Facebook page with the caption

    “Rosie the Riveter a good choice for this exhibiter of food riot and being its inhibitor.”

    Do you have a will of steel?

    Good luck !


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