This eve set as elegant exhibit
of skin deep beauty for old yearning stares,
is time’s harsh labor’s brief retreat.

The hands, henna-designed, serpentine snares
to trap young wild and restless hearts
which feed on dreams sojourned in eyes,
more fleeting than the flashing camera lights.

Midst this confused unrest two heart realize
a single dream conceived at birth of souls
and planted in a part in both the hearts
when heart became the shelter of the soul;
this eve they hold it fast firm not to part.

In this wild glare of confused evanescence
These flickering moons bear hopes of permanence.


Yousuf bin Mohammad is a resident of Delhi, where he works as digitization assistant with Juma al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage while pursuing physics by distance. 

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2 Responses

  1. Durlabh Singh


    Lady of my dreams
    Moon colored
    Raven haired
    Like a distant shore.

    Dwelling here
    Closer to the heart
    A reason a dream
    Undefined yet real.

    Moon colored pebbles
    Shining among plains
    A cluster
    Deeply driven
    Etched like a wound
    A rose or a moan
    Or a crimson scar
    A luminosity
    Or a distant spark.

    Lady of my heart
    Moon colored
    Raven haired
    Like a distant star.

    Durlabh Singh.

    • Yousuf bin Mohammad

      Thank you Durlabh sahab for yor precious poem in the comment.
      Much obliged.


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