“Games of Gridlock,” people proclaim,
“court our congress in shifts of shame!”
If pay-to-play campaigns unlash
a people-to-the-poles backlash,
it’s our Republic we’ll reclaim!

On “others” bureaucrats base blame,
but their blunders remain the same;
with bloated blather they rehash
Games of Gridlock!

… Frothy filibusters inflame
loathings our lawmakers are lame …
Presented with poise and panache,
the platforms upon which they clash,
plainly promote one pointless aim:
Games of Gridlock!


E. V. “Beth” Wyler grew up in Elmont, NY.  At 43, she obtained her associate’s degree from Bergen Community College.  She and her husband, Richard, share their empty Fair Lawn, NJ nest with 3 cats and a beta fish.  Her oldest daughter is a biomedical engineer and her other two children are SUNY undergraduate students.  E. V. Wyler’s poetry has been published in:  The Storyteller, Feelings of the Heart, WestWard Quarterly, The Pink Chameleon, Nuthouse Magazine, The Rotary Dial, and on the website Poetry Soup.  In addition, 3 accepted poems are pending publication in Vox Poetica.

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  1. Alice

    Great writer E-V-Wyler is. I am glad to see her work on this page. She has been published in my literary publication as well. Her writing is superb.


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