Terror has infected the world today;
And this disease is spreading day by day.
Fanatics who lack spirituality
And religions without morality—
In the name of faith in their holy book
These people behave like some cunning crooks.
When they kill the innocent so cruelly
And take wealth, land and women brutally,
They are hot headed fools in every sense,
As they invest in weapons, not progress.
A nuclear bomb in hand is their ambition,
Meanwhile their people suffer from starvation.
I ask: When will this disease cease to kill?
Man can beat cancer, why not beat this ill?
No answer comes satisfactorily
That can solve this problem permanently.
For cancer is a foe perceived by all
But terrorism from afar seems dull;
It is not met with scorn that’s universal;
It finds a friend in some like-minded devil,
Some countries sponsor terror as policy
That is how evil tries for supremacy!



Sandip has published two anthologies, including Quest for Freedom. His poem, “The city of Mumbai” has been published in the 2016 Poet’s Showcase and Yearbook by Poetry Press Publishing International, Toronto, Canada. He is a life member of The Poetry Society (India). Professionally he is a Chemical Engineer and a Metallurgist. He has retired from service. His age is 63. He has three awards for his scientific work and 33 publications on his scientific research work including three patents.    

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