The eyes emerge from slumber’s lake of lead,
Awakened by the zephyr flying past,
In wonderment to witness, overhead,
An otherworldly sky expanding fast.

Revolving stars in efflorescence bright
Spread emerald auroras all around;
Afar, huge clouds of marble, overnight,
Together into mountains have been bound.

Their lofty peaks invite the lightened soul
To climb beyond imagination’s reach,
On hearing man’s Awakening gong toll,
The lowly wants and woes to vanquish each.

When trekking through the hidden heights of morn,
Each cloud’s a step, each step’s a Word absorbed
From those of which the countless worlds are born,
In pages of the Law by all adored.

Then one sees Kingdoms wrought in gold unseen,
In rainbow seas of holy hymns afloat,
Above the hands of Time, where life’s pristine,
From touch, from sight and human mind remote.


Note: This is a reference to the spiritual teachings of Zhuan Falun (Turning the Law Wheel), a book written by Mr. Li Hongzhi.

Daniel Magdalen is a graduate student in the Faculty of Letters at the University of Bucharest, in Romania.

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