A Rhyme Crime

An old man once curtly said,
“I wouldn’t give a dime
for poetry that has rhyme.”
A rhyme nut killed him dead.

Now his widow mourns past times
as she hears the rhyme nut’s rhymes.
“My love, you’re too pretty
not to live in the city.

“Come with me and we’ll settle
with my Purple Heart medal
I earned for the metal plate
that’s covering my pate.”



Terrorists have unfurled
carnage throughout the world.
The reason for their creed?
Hatred wild as a weed.


Mae Sue Leslie is a senior citizen who enjoys writing things that are  often humorous. 

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5 Responses

  1. Mae Leslie

    I am Mae Sue Leslie writing to verify that I wrote the first 4 lines of the poem titled “TERROR.” I did not write any of the added on parts. I don’t agree with the words that someone has added. Thanks.

    • The Society

      The poem that someone wrote in the comments section using your same title and its lines as its first stanza has been removed.


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