There was a king who sought to enter Law,
for as he noshed a cone of Rocky Road,
the Emperor of Ice-Cream froze his jaws
& caused the Queen to love pie á la mode.

The Court’s legates cold Caesar’s claim endowed
when, like sorbet in August heat, they fixed
the parley for a Sundae, which allowed
the parfait-lord to melt it with a lick,

yet though the suit dissolved, that frigid tzar
still tasted justice like old Custer’s stand
because thenceforth his ices reeked of tar
& all his custard seemed to be was sand,

for deeds of ill & dairy sweets (if spilled)
both leave their mark malevolent & chill.


G. M. H. Thompson’s publication credits: ScifaikuestShemomBear Creek HaikuHaikuistAnti-Heroin Chic (formerly Heroin Chic), Old Red KimonoRoad Not Taken: The Journal of Formal Poetry. Let Us Go, a poem by G. M. H. Thompson, won the Winter 2016 Heart & Mind Zine Judge’s Choice award in the category of poetry.  Four of G. M. H. Thompson’s as-yet-unpublished poems will appear in the forthcoming 2016 anthology of Scurfpea Publishing.

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    • G. M. H. Thompson

      Your words are very kind, and thank you for noticing my reference to Stevens, although it was not necessarily meant as a shot at him, more of just a somewhat playful exploration of one of his more famous characters.


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