Kindness and Stars

The gentle touch and splendid gift
Intended to restore and heal
Is rich enough to move and lift
Our souls beyond the grief we feel.

Though stars a twinkle only show,
Their powerful in depth and scope
That without wrinkle, smooth bestow
Our gaze aloft with calm and hope.


Chasing Orion

Why not ascend? The ground below is dense
Too dull for states exalted and intense
That seldom contemplates beyond its core
Nor yields the space required for worlds immense.

The sky is open even infinite
Inclined to grant escape in a minute
Devoid of obstacles and demands mundane,
The earth restricts flight though stars begin it.

The gravity earth suffers incurs a frown
Apt to offend a noble mind and crown
Not fit for destiny to reach its peak
Yet only works to pull ambition down!

Imagination finds sufficient space
Where stars evoke and sanctify their place
The earth’s content to slander or disdain,
It even boasts it holds an equal grace!

We dread that dust might signify our fate,
We most prefer a more celestial state;
Though mountains, flowers, lakes and trees reflect
Like dirt and dust they fail to radiate!

Civilizations Aztec and Mayan
Made wonders for their people and scion
That best extolled the stellar elegance
Where Greek god Zeus in turn set Orion.

The stolid earth resists what hope esteems,
It’s not a force that rescues and redeems
Instead accepts reduced expectations,
Though space beyond all galaxies and dreams.


Michael Dashiell lives in central Indiana. Throughout his long writing career he’s had poems published in a variety of publications including Genesis, The Poet Anthology, Poets of Now, The Evansville Review and forthcoming poems in The Blue Unicorn. Other than this, he’s done seven books with Amazon. He’s active on Facebook and Twitter, and has also founded a website:

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  1. Dona Fox

    I really like Kindness and Stars. I would like to print it out and put it on my desk for when I need to smile. I think that says a lot more than I could say by dissecting it in any manner, don’t you? Thank you, Michael Dashiell.


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