Ohio State University Attack

By Wilbur Dee Case

“If you don’t like liberal democracy, go to North Africa, the Middle East, or China. Oops.” —Waseel Budecir

I’m warning you, America, the post on Facebook states,
behind each single Muslim’s frown, a sleeper cell awaits.
We are not weak. We are not weak. Remember that, he wrote.
And then proceeded to attack, that violent cutthroat.
Eleven injured by his car and knife were thankfully
not murdered by his foul, insidious insanity.
Ohio State on Monday had to deal with his hate,
but law enforcement saved the day and stopped the reprobate.
Though ISIS claimed responsibility for this foul act,
alarmed Somalis offered their condolences with tact.



By Ira “Dweeb” Scule

Imagine there are more than four dimensions in space-time,
an x, y, z, and t, in relativity’s sublime,
a p, q, r, in QED that moves from atoms to
electrons, quarks, and strings, that wrap around new points of view,
that slip into a d, e, f, a DEFCON attitude,
that dropped into dark matter and dark energy unglued,
so up to ten dimensions may not be so off-the-wall,
and maybe then, eleven, g, could help describe the all.
And yet, this alphabetic soup, although it may be neat,
perhaps will never have a membrane that will be complete.


Bruce Dale Wise is a poet living in Washington State who often writes under anagrammatic pseudonyms.

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  1. Ase Wridle Cube

    I have a hard time envisioning a universe of eleven dimensions. Thanks for giving me an idea, no matter how faint.


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