A rondeau on Shen Yun Performing Arts

By Evan Mantyk

I love the dance that can exalt
The human form without a fault,
Demeanor grand, inspiring pose;
They’re swift yet seem in sweet repose
And all my troubled thoughts they halt.

Then when as one they somersault
It’s like a mighty thunderbolt;
My heart entranced then clearly knows
I love the dance.

Their order raised from life’s tumult
Brings us with them in one great vault
Above to where true beauty grows
And elegance like water flows;
And though it’s brief, as a result
I love the dance.


Evan Mantyk is President of the Society of Classical Poets and teaches literature and history in the Hudson Valley of New York.

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8 Responses

  1. Neal Dachstadter

    Highly effective and suitable use of the word halt in a similarly halting line.

    Evokes thoughts of my favorite cousin dancing in the Nutcracker, Carmina Burana, and I think Swan Lake. Can’t recall whether or not she was in that third one.

    I took the posters around downtown to publicize the first two though.

    In any case, the dance of the 4 Swans approaches universality.

  2. sathyanarayana

    The test of a Rondeau is whether it’s sounding lyrical. In fact lyrical quality is of paramount importance while composing metrical verses of any type. This poem is so rich, plain in expression and clear in diction. A very sweet treat indeed for lovers of true poetry.

  3. Carol Smallwood

    Thank you very much for including what kind of poetry (rondeau). I hope someone tells how to write this wonderful form.

  4. Ruth

    I love the dance too; and appreciate this tribute which well expresses the extremes of dramatic power and gentle beauty to be found there; the feeling that such visual harmony while it lasts seems to convey – carrying the nature of humanity to touch something higher.

  5. James Sale

    I love the dance – too!! Love that refrain – it’s so good, I think some more poetry could follow from this excellent piece.

  6. Dona Fox

    You’ve inspired me to go see the dance. I believe it will be in my town soon. I was given a schedule and an origami flower. Thank you for the rondeau.


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