The gown and the date are set,
caterers and florists I’ve met.
The hall has been booked,
no detail overlooked
Wait…I don’t have a groom just yet!


There once was a very young rat
who thought himself a big, black bat.
So, he leapt off a chair
and flew through the air
Straight into the jaws of a cat!


Nivedita Karthik is a graduate in Integrated Immunology from the University of Oxford who likes reading books and travelling. She is an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer and has given many performances. She loves any form of creative writing (especially poems) and writes them whenever she can.

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4 Responses

  1. David Martin

    Loved them. How about this?

    A Texas politician, once dead,
    Was too big for the casket they said.
    Then, although he had died,
    An enema was tried.
    Now he rests in a box made for bread.

  2. Wendy Bourke

    These are a treat – and very clever. Limericks can be tricky to “pull off” … I’ve yet to write one that I’m satisfied with; though having-a-go at them is so much fun.


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