Here is a riddle, a brain-teaser of sorts
Rev up your noggin or the answer you’ll miss
Mark. Set. Get ready for a fun little sport
The pivotal problem goes something like this:

Some of gold. Some cold like stone.
No wood, no chimney. Yet four rooms
With naught an inch to roam.
Still, where it is. There is home.

Lest the brain you may have is on vacation
The right words should come with no palpitations.


Post your answer in the comments below.


Michelle Tamara Simon was born in Chicago, Illinois and now lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. She writes poetry, essays, short stories and fiction novels. Her first novel, Hear of Malice was published in 2015 under the pen name C Billie Brunson. 

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7 Responses

  1. Michelle T Simon

    Yes, the answer is a heart. More precisely, it refers to the human heart. As to clues… I thought “palpitations” gave it away and almost changed/left out those last two lines. In any case, I hope it was a fun tease.

  2. Michelle T Simon

    BTW the title of my book is Heart of Malice. Oh, the difference one letter can make, huh?

  3. Connie Cherish

    I thought of the heart the first time I read the riddle. Good job sister friend


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