“This foyer of the spirit is the seat of a sovereign.” – Anca Rosu

The lyric lures release of thought,
emotive creation, human-made;
a breath-carved essence in one’s idea,
the living word in phrases drawn,
life’s lost thoughts of ages gone,
words old as grass or dreams.
Emotion’s measure from platted lungs
conveys the deep of human conjuring,
resides in space barely fit for breath,
like faintest tones of elusive song.
This breath, lyric’s breath escapes,
croons in the long-lauded light of mind;
rough words from stubborn-thought things,
these rare and living artifacts, we find.


John Timothy Robinson is a traditional citizen and graduate of the Marshall University Creative Writing program in Huntington, West Virginia with a Regent’s Degree.  He has an interest in Critical Theory of poetry and American Formalism.  John is also a twelve-year educator for Mason County Schools in Mason County, WV.  Past and forthcoming work; Blue Collar Review, Kestrel, California Quarterly, Ship of Fools, Floyd County Moonshine, Wild Violet Magazine, POEM, Ibbetson Street Press, The Iconoclast and Pulsar Poetry Magazine.

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