“You are what you eat!”
That’s what all of the books say
Then I guess I’m nuts!



You walk into the beauty shop
to get help for your hair,
the receptionist greets you at the door
and shows you to your chair.
The beautician saunters over,
examining what you’ve got,
and offers you a choice of colors;
explaining what is “hot.”
She helps you choose that “perfect” shade-
one much like your own,
One which suits your lifestyle, your
temperament and tone.
She puts an apron ’round your front,
a towel ’round your neck,
and fastens both securely so your
clothes won’t show a speck.
Then, gingerly, upon your head, she
applies the chosen lotion
to roots, hair shafts and follicles,
soaking up the special potion.
She sets a timer to 30 minutes,
hands you a magazine,
and it doesn’t take a genius to
deduce just what that means.
It means you sit and read and wait
until the timer tells
her to take you over to the sink
and rinse out all those smells.
And then she puts conditioner in,
and the timer’s turned again
to time your hair, and make you wait
five minutes more… or ten.
Then rinses the conditioner,
and you get to see the color
of hair you “had” to have improved
’cause you thought that it was duller.
So, the gook’s been removed,
you’ve been washed, dyed and conditioned,
and an hour is what this all took,
and why did you dye? Oh, I’ll tell you why…
to accomplish the “natural” look!


Wendy Lee Klenetsky is a 65-year-old wife (for 42 years) of a great guy, and mom of 2 fabulous girls (married 11 weeks apart in ’13). Currently she is a freelance writer, sweepstaker, knitter and crocheter.

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