Songbirds Sing

(Triolet Sonnet)

As songbirds sing with joy of spring,
unfolding blossoms show their hues.
From my front porch the wind chimes ring
as songbirds sing with joy of spring.
Fresh colors cast on ev’rything—
in shades of yellows, reds, and blues.
As songbirds sing with joy of spring,
unfolding blossoms show their hues.
A lilac scent the breeze will bring
as songbirds sing with joy of spring.
Cute baby bunnies have their fling.
Sweet nectar will soon start to ooze.
____As songbirds sing with joy of spring,
____unfolding blossoms show their hues.


Family Matters

My mother is always a pain;
she’s driven me ‘til I’m insane.
We no longer talk
or go for a walk;
I hope that she drowns in the rain.

My ex is a pain in the ass.
but I’ve now taken him to task.
If he comes around
the police’ll be found;
no questions will they need to ask.

My sister’s been married five times.
She’s sour as so many green limes.
Her last name’s unknown;
the long list has grown,
and don’t even seem to have rhyme.

That fam’ly is no longer mine.
Without them I will do just fine.
My son is a felon
with that I am tell’n–
these losers come from a long line.

Poets now are my family.
Each poem I look forward to see.
They’re the ones who care,
and are always there
to offer their support for free.


Debbie Johnson began writing poetry for enjoyment and therapy following an accident which left her disabled. She has written several books on disability as well as several poetry collections. She lives in Nevada, Iowa with a very spoiled beagle.

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