Divided into easy to engage and topical categories such as Beauty, Humor, Anti-Communism, and The Environment, the 2017 Journal features selected poetry, essays, and translations from the Society’s last 12 months. Purchase online here.

Below are the featured poets in the Journal in alphabetical order:


Ahern, Edward
Anderson, C.B.
Blanchard, Jane
Benjamin, Tod
Bookbinder, Agnes
Boquet, Elizabeth
Bourke, Wendy
Brisson, Pat
Clark, Carolyn
Corey, Cheryl
Curtis, Michael
Dachstadter, Neal
Davis, Lorna
Dowe, Courtney
Eager, Charles
Essex, David
Fendt, Gene
Foreman, Amy
Forester, Brett
Fox, Dona
Froumis, Nicholas
Grein, Dusty
Giardiano Cortese, Lucy
Hackel, Gil
Harmon, Michael
Hay, C. David
Heller, Allan
Hodges, Ron L.
Hoeft, Rebekah
Hughes, Betsy
Jankowski, Alan W.
Johnson, Debbie
Johnson, Samuel
Jonah, Edmund
Karthik, Nivedita
Kolyav, John
Lawson, Christina
Lefkowitz, Josh
Liebau, Gregory
MacKenzie, Joseph Charles
Magdalen, Daniel
Mantyk, Evan
Martin, Susan
McGrath, Reid
McKee, James
Narayana, Sathya
O’Driscoll, Margaret
Ogbuji, Uche
Phillips, Connie
Pwint Tu, Mandy Moe
Robin, Damian
Robson, Keith
Ruleman, William
Sale, James
Salemi, Joseph S.
Sheeky, Mark
Shook, Don
Simon, Michelle Tamara
Smallwood, Carol
Spencer Spragins, Elizabeth
Steele, John; Tessitore, Joe
Thomas, Seth
Thompson, G. M. H.
Thornton, Douglas
Van Inman, Clinton
Wise, Bruce Dale
Wyler, E. V. “Beth”
Zavlanov, Gleb

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5 Responses

  1. Margaret O'Driscoll

    Oh this is so brilliant, all those wonderful contributions all in one beautifully complied collection…thank you so much Evan

  2. Sathyanarayana

    Many thanks for including my poems. A great honour indeed to me.

  3. Susan Martin

    Thank you for including me in the 2017 Journal. I appreciate all you have done for rhymed and metered poetry and the poets who write it.

  4. Neal

    The book’s an excellent work – exactly what we’ve come to expect from a unique place known as Mt Hope, New York.

  5. Frank Yu

    An excellent compilation of classical poetry.
    Congratulations to all the featured poets!


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