I Watch the Sun

I watch the sun, its trek, across the sky.
The shadow too to see how it reacts.
When light steps forth, the shadow it gets shy.
Then shadow finds its strength when light contracts.

A quiet little fight the two ensue.
He reaches out his arm but she steps back.
And then she takes a step where he withdrew.
Perform a little dance… withdraw… attack.

You’ll never find a day without a night.
Though entities themselves they’ve always touched.
Eternally they walk, this dark, this light.
They pull, they push, but hands remain a-clutched.

I sit and watch the two go ‘round, a dance.
I sit and watch the two in their romance.


A Bubble Blown

A bubble blown from two that touch so slight
With just a breath it grows capriciously
So beautiful in its simplicity
Carefully watch and track it on its flight
Its sparkle and its shine upon the light
Refracted in its hues so brilliantly
My childish heart does jump so giddily.
Seems empty but it’s full of joy despite.

From joy to fear afraid that it may pop.
The weight upon my heart it feels so strange.
To touch a cloud may cause the rain to drop
Likewise, this fear… my bubble it may change!
Give chase?… or bid my joyous sphere adieu?
I want to have my cake and eat it too.


J. Quintanilla is a 45-year-old property manager from the U.S. Territory of Guam.

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