Compassion, with your sun that shines unseen,
You lead the river of man’s thoughts to flow
Where Saving Grace’s golden breezes blow,
To universal mercy’s sea pristine.

With selflessness imbued, one’s self will soar
To reach its zenith, freed of every urge,
To feel the joy of spreading joy emerge,
So whips may torture guiltless hearts no more.

When enmity’s devouring dark flood
Enshrouds this feeble earth, your rays of ruth
Restore all silenced martyrs’ voice of truth,
To purge oppression’s lies that hide spilled blood…

While gloom is yet to be dispersed, will you,
Compassion, make my words bright seeds of peace?
For when my worldly ego’s worries cease,
My true self’s time of wakening is due.


Daniel Magdalen is a doctoral student in the Faculty of Letters at the University of Bucharest, in Romania.

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  1. The Society

    From Ben Grinberg:


    Universal Mercy Sea

    Compassion, sun shinning unseen
    Leads river thought to flow
    To where Saving Grace’s breeze blows
    Universal Mercy Sea
    Selfless, self soars
    Wanting no more
    The Lord Creator
    Fills them


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