Blessing in Disguise

They catch each little misstep
and with kindly, caring grace—
they point out the right direction
by gently getting in your face.

And just in case, you’ve overlooked
that vexsome fatal flaw,
they take the time—to point it out:
deftly hid, midst blah-blah-blah.

They’re sweet and giving—to a fault
and seldom dally to dispense
the inestimable value
of putting in—their own two cents.

And yet, despite the flak—and knack
for getting underneath your skin,
when you bring a big mess to their door:
family lets you in.


Untitled Villanelle

transcendent, as a leaf upon a breeze
surrendering to breath on which it sails
in grips of wind gusts, free—but yet, not free

far flung from stands of great cathedral trees
rustling sighs, resplendent in green veils
transcendent, as a leaf upon a breeze

abiding, as the earth and skies and seas
through raging blows and blasts of storms and gales
in grips of wind gusts, free—but yet, not free

the certainty, that what will be: will be
and in that truth the universe prevails
transcendent, as a leaf upon a breeze

and in that truth there is serenity
in heaven clouds, or earthly spirit trails
in grips of wind gusts, free—but yet, not free

peace—in the perfect calm simplicity,
the letting go of useless, vain travails—
transcendent, as a leaf upon a breeze
in grips of wind gusts, free—but yet, not free


Wendy Bourke lives in Vancouver, Canada where she writes, goes on long rambling walks gathering photos and inspiration – and hangs out with her family (especially her two young grandsons).  After a life loving words and scribbling poetry lines on pizza boxes and used envelopes, Wendy finally got down to writing “in earnest” and four years ago, began posting poetry on her poetry blog and submitting it for publication.  She received first prize in the Ontario Poetry Society’s Sparkle and Shine contest in 2014 and her work has appeared in dozens of anthologies, journals and chapbooks.

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