Monsoon Dance

In Quintets

Go back, O’ spry peacock,
go back into thy
dense coppice! The sylvan clock
did spell a sly lie!
Monsoon is far… ah still a tear in summer’s eye!

With stars, the sky is clear!
Restless our yeomen
are staring at sky. The deer
and bunnies in glen
are still behind the thickets and brutes in den.

No sprout of tender leaves
so far and tearless
earth, behold oh how she grieves!
For moments that bless
thy dance, oh wait and watch the sky for nimbus eves.

Hold it O’ sapphire bird…
fold thy azure plume,
and wobbly feet thy, fast gird!
A time comes to vroom,
careen and dance. Till then let silence alone loom!


My New Home

My house is leaking; doors and walls are pale
with faded paint and floor is full of stains.
I asked the owner, “Mend the problems pal
I can’t live here in this dirty dungeon

He snubbed me cool, “It’s all at your expense…
you do yourself or just vacate at once!”
I cobbled here and there and daubed some paint.
Yet looks the old abode stupid and faint.

Elapsed years this way and my relic
is crumbling now beyond any repair.
It’s time I look for some new hiding niche;
in my locale here or someplace somewhere.

Ready I’m now to move to my new home…
a kind and beautiful mother’s snug womb!


Once an advocate, Sathya Narayana joined the Government of India as Inspector of Salt in 1984 and got two service promotions. In May 2014, he took voluntary retirement as Superintendent of Salt.


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