Could the dandelion be excused for not being a rose,
If its effort to grow was much greater;
If it labored and toiled
Through unfavorable soil,
And bloomed just a little bit later?

Would its gaunt be forgiven and size overlooked
If the looker could see what’s within?
Sure, the rose has its place,
But it can’t match the grace
Of when dandelions dance in the wind!



Zachary Dilks is a writer currently residing just outside of Austin, Texas. A toolmaker by trade and a poet by heart, he began pursuing his passion for writing at age 17.

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11 Responses

  1. Zachary Dilks

    My apologies on poorly editing. Three instances of misused “it’s”. That’s what you get for writing with auto-correct.

    • Zachary Dilks

      Thank you very much, Joe. By the way, your poem “Weeping Willow” is very touching to me. I find poems involving nature always jive really well with my heart. Most especially weeping willow trees. There’s always so much to be said with them. I’ve always hoped that they cry for us instead of because of us.

    • Zachary Dilks

      Thank you, Amy! I want to tell you that your poem “Ballad: Our Crew of Two” is amazing. The rhyming was so solid and the words were like watching a movie. It’s one of those poems I read and wish that I had written it.

    • Zachary Dilks

      Thank you, David. That’s very kind of you. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    • Zachary Dilks

      Thank you for that, Douglas. That’s probably too kind, but I very much appreciate it and am glad you liked my poem.

  2. Sathyanarayana

    Wow! I love this poem. It’s as beautiful as the Dandelion.

  3. David Watt

    I always enjoy poems concerning nature, especially when they read as pleasurably as yours and evoke great imagery.


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