When, late in May, Memorial Day
____Inaugurates the season
Of summer sun and summer fun
____(Much welcomed, with good reason),
Then nature’s crowned with sight and sound:
____The sky is bright and clear,
The flowers’ blooms and birds’ bright plumes
____Proclaim that summer’s here.

The birds cheer on the coming dawn
____With songs that fill the skies.
The red and gold announce: “Behold!
____The sun’s begun to rise!”
The darkness fades and light pervades
____A sky of wat’ry blue,
And people rise and op’n their eyes
____To greet a day so new.

The flower beds boast whites and reds
____Against a backdrop green.
The insects come and go, and hum,
____Contented and serene.
The flowers call the insects all
____With color and perfume,
And they respond, for they are fond
____Of nectar from the bloom.

As winds grow strong, and shadows long,
____The sun sinks in the sky;
As wind-chimes ring, cicadas sing
____An evening lullaby.
The mockingbird, at times, is heard
____On still and humid nights;
Each girl and boy awaits with joy
____The coming day’s delights.

September days and autumn haze
____See weather turning cool,
Vacations end and parents send
____Their children back to school;
Yet we’ll recall, throughout the fall
____And in the winter, too,
The sun’s bright rays on carefree days
____When all the world seems new.


Father Richard Libby is a priest of the Diocese of Corpus Christi.

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11 Responses

  1. William Ruleman

    A wonderfully musical, memorable poem for every season . . . Thank you, Father Libby.

  2. Lilia

    What a beautiful poem! Thank you Father Libby. I didn’t know we had a poet in our midst. It really touched me.

  3. Satyananda Sarangi

    Hello Sir, Greetings!
    This poem stands out for its vivid imagery. When images are drawn from the rich bosom of nature, it is so heart warming. The musicality, the after effect and the portrayal of seasons are spot on. All I can do as a very young poet is reading it again and again.

    Waiting to read more of your poetry.

  4. Cornelius Hayes

    What a lovely and serene poem father Libby. It seems nostalgic in some way. Perhaps because I used to live where there were seasons.

  5. Fr. Alphonse Lazar SDB

    Dear Father Richard Libby,

    Congrats to you for the fine and sublime poem.
    Great indeed.
    I am a Salesian priest, India. I am also so much interested in writing poems.
    You always remain an inspiration to me
    Please pray for me

  6. Carol

    Thank you Father Libby for this lovely poem. I hope you are writing a book full. With great fondness, the Woolfs


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