A Lifetime

Day drifts into evening
Evening into night
All around me darkness
With only stars for light

Dawn awakes the morning
The morning burst into day
The cycle never ceasing
Black to white to gray

The rhythms of each moment
The seasons of each year
Time goes on forever
Never long enough, we fear


The Night Beckons

The moon is high
My worries deep
The night is alive
And I cannot sleep

There are many thoughts
Running through my head
There are many images
Dancing around my bed

Sounds of the night
Are loud and clear
The screeching owl
Does draw me near

I must get up
Get out of bed
I go outside
To walk instead

The fire flies
Do flicker bright
Indeed it is
A glorious sight

I wander through
The darkened night
It clears my mind
I feel delight

So back to bed
I do go
This time to sleep
My dreams in tow


Born in Wilmington Delaware in the early 1950’s, Ann Christine Tabaka has been writing poems and rhymes since her Junior High years. She lives with her husband and two cats and was a Fine Arts Major in college.

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8 Responses

  1. Joe Tessitore

    Dear Ann Christine,

    I loved them both! Each has beautiful imagery and each is very well-written.


    • Wayne

      Well done Ann Christine, it is good to know that this art form, that is the classic style still exist and thrives for new generations to enjoy.

      • Chris Tabaka

        You are very kind Wayne! I am humbled by your words! Thank you!

    • Ann Christine Tabaka

      Dear Joe, Thank you for your compliment! I am honored that you liked my work.

  2. Father Richard Libby

    These poems are combine beautiful imagery with everyday language. Well done, Mrs. Tabaka!

    • Chris Tabaka

      Dear Father Richard,
      I am so honored that you liked my work.

  3. Satyananda Sarangi

    Greetings ma’am.

    These lovely poems rich in imagery. They echo deep theories of life.
    Always a pleasure reading your poetry.

    Best Wishes and regards.

  4. David Hollywood

    A very easy and embracing style of description and sense. Thank you.


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