We folks in Florida are quick to extol her amenity:
The beach, the surf, the lifestyle announce unique identity.
But, sometimes Mother Nature interrupts our serenity:
The pointed target of Irma’s wrath transforms to obscenity.


Post your Hurricane Irma poetry in the comments section below.


Lucy Giardiano Cortese is a freelance writer and owner of Lucy’s Lines ‘N Lyrics in Jacksonville, Florida. Her articles are published in Jacksonville Business Journal, AARP, Guideposts, Folio Weekly, Canticle,  Grandparents Day, GRAND, Family Tree and St. Augustine Catholic magazines. Now retired, Lucy has been a teacher, district administrator, school principal and executive director in a career spanning four decades. A lifelong educator, community activist, mother and grandmother, Lucy lives her personal mission statement, “Each One, Teach One.”

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2 Responses

  1. ben

    stay safe dear friends
    all will be well
    hold on to faith and righteous thoughts

    in times of woe, do not forget
    that Lord Almighty treasures us.

  2. kathy triebwasser

    Loneliness comes with a storm
    sounds of winds gust
    leaves rustle
    against each other
    trees bend as
    they let the wind
    take them.
    Everything’s wet saturated
    through and through
    like a sponge you
    can’t ring out.
    Gray skies a blanket
    without a tiny hole
    not any blue in sight.
    Each moment lasts endlessly
    all the anticipation
    then the isolation
    when it’s overhead.
    The clean up begins
    way too much time
    sucks the life away
    like a vacuum cleaner
    that won’t shut off.
    Annoying sounds roar
    will it end
    people closed up
    streets deserted.
    Mother Nature
    her hand on the throttle
    we’re along for the ride.
    She’s brought powerlessness
    known too well
    can’t keep it at bay
    it comes
    to seize the day
    shape the night
    steal today.
    Loneliness is the storm
    Storm is the loneliness
    Can’t tell them apart
    Even these strong winds
    Can’t break them apart
    Nothing can change it
    Can’t make it depart.


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