Scientists of the world were meeting
Stars among them they were feting
Challenges new they were seeking
Of wine and wisdom, they were reeking

“We have caught the long tail of pi
We did count the stars in the sky
Oceans depths too we have found out
Source of feelings we have mapped out

Yet the riddle of life persists
Advance of science it still resists
Is life one big circle endless?
Or is it a ladder rung-less?

We must crack its secret code now
And lay open its why and how”
Thus, started the massive project
With life as the central subject

They constructed models with maths
Examined evolution’s paths
They built mile long equations
Also, tried some re-creations

They wrote and rewrote on their boards
Attacked the problem in large hordes
Years rolled by with nothing to show
Their spirits had hit an all-time low

Then they realized they had no choice
And spoke in a quivering voice
“More resources we can’t afford,
Life is but a four-letter word”


Ram is a loyalty marketing consultant. He lives in Mumbai, India. His poem “Bylanes” has been published in Page & Spine. His pantoums have been published on Chalkboard on Medium. His other poems have been accepted in the Tower Journal and Ilumen. His poem “Two or one” earned Honorable Mention in the Society’s Rhyming Riddles Contest.

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10 Responses

  1. Sultana Raza

    I like the concept, the humour, the style, and the end. Perhaps you could write a serious one on Ramanujan… As usual the illustration is very well chosen by the editors.

    • Ram

      Thank you Sultana!
      The serious poem is some food for thought given the fact that Ramanujam was a giant. I could definitely try. Thank you for reading and giving me feedback.

  2. Ramki

    Fantastic one for style and content.. Like it very much. Please do continue giving us more of your writing.


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