Reluctant night is slowly retreating
The earth in gray, dim shades still hovering,
Dawn strides out leisurely to wake each farm
Her sleepy liquid light now makes sand warm,
This morning nymph arises from sea pearls
She’s wearing magic misty gown of swirls,
Her gleaming bracelet borrowed from sun rays;
Her glory swiftly up the hilltop sways,
Her fragrance wakes the slumbering mortals
Her singing birds rouse silent asphodels,
I’m eager to rise earlier than the bee,
Perchance to feel her power visit me.

Each household kindles necessary fires,
Sense morning incense, hear the far off lyres,
The soul feels fresh, the mind rejuvenated,
A breath feels like the divine incarnated,
The rows of roses, lilies now awaken,
The wind is hid in trees and flees when shaken,
Shy maid with pitcher comes to fill in river,
The peasants, herdsmen pass by same as ever,
All creatures must to toilsome life accord
Untrodden’s the path but bright’s the reward


Sandeep Kumar Mishra is an International freelance writer, and a lecturer in English with a Master’s in English Literature and Political Science. He has edited a collection of poems by various poets, Pearls (2002), written a professional guidebook How To Be (2016), and a collection of poems and art Feel My Heart (2016).His blog:

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