Commie Carcinomas

When least expected they arrive,
an avant garde of hordes
wielding a deadly pestilence
like slashing, bloody swords.
Discovered far too often when
repulsion is too late,
as they, metastasized, become
dictators of our fate.
Inciting panic born of fear
beyond all sane repose,
they spread with rampant tentacles
the horror they impose.
So fortify a strong resolve,
engage a will of stone
to battle this incessant curse
afraid, but un-alone.
Rip out the gangs of fear and death,
abandon thoughts of woe,
engage them in a struggle that
will crush this deadly foe.
Unwavering our quest must be,
relentless in our fight
to rid the earth of this dread beast
with courage and with might.
There will be suffering and death,
debilitating pain;
but in the end the foe will bend,
and its demise our gain.



Try to wrap your mind around
A concept not withstanding
A universe with no outside,
Eternally expanding.

A time infolding on itself
That yields today tomorrow,
And yesterdays from each to find
A now from which to borrow.

Consider then the infinite,
That veil of enigmatic,
Unending imposition which
Finds motion in the static.

And recondite the starry light,
Recording a beginning
When chaos from a finite point
Sent space forever spinning.
Ponder this and you will know,
While in such contemplation,
That beyond our comprehension is
The wonder of Creation.


Don Shook wearing the many hats of actor, director, producer and author has award-winning scripts, television shows, and theatrical productions in his bag of credits. Formally with NBC in New York, he performed at Carnegie Hall in Tom Booth’s opera “Gentlemen In Waiting”,  announced on air for WNBC, and was part of “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson. He also taught music and drama at Texas A&M at Commerce, Duncanville High School, Temple Jr. College, Greenville Junior High and Brookhaven College in Dallas.  Mr. Shook has written five novels, four screenplays, an acting handbook and over a dozen teleplays and wrote, directed and produced three shows, in Branson, Missouri.  He has conducted Masters Acting Workshops for Stage West Theatre in Fort Worth and at The Granbury Opera Academy in Granbury, Texas.


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6 Responses

  1. Amy Foreman

    Don, you are the master of the iamb! Your phrasings and meters are delightful to read. “Cosmosis” is one of the finest I have ever read. Thank you for sharing!

  2. anon

    i find that i only benefit when doing things from a positive aspect. this is great to see this here. it’s measured. my emotions tend to be too intense. maybe it’s ptsd. so i sometimes sink into the same extremes as the left in terms of hate and vitriol. but this is a god poem. it’s clear, rational, and, i believe, correct. thank you.

  3. George Patton

    These are impressive well-made poems, Mr Shook. I especially like ‘Commie Carcinomas’.

  4. TJ Myers

    I love how your poems take me away to different places and times. They can reach inside me and bring out buried feelings I yearn to feel. Thank you…


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