The Pilgrimage to Heaven

Beneath the shadows whence no light embarks
On paths renounced by most intrepid men;
There, gypsies seldom find enchanting larks
Or songs which overflow the silent glen.

Circuitous routes aplenty lead to plains
Where neither sweet repose nor respite wait;
Some haunted bowers bear the rusted stains
Of slackened feet that slumber often late.

And even knolls do seem to kiss the skies;
The frozen lake resembles heaven’s face
Portraying sun and moon, its pair of eyes
Whose temple rarely wears a slight grimace.

These perturbations cloud our trusted sense;
How soon ambitions flee the cage of age,
Attired with wreaths of failures so immense
On shoulders, time’s deceit that cannot gauge!

Whilst ragged footsteps trot on plateaus rife
With blurred assurance, fancies high up float;
The silhouette of fading light and life
Extends towards a holy land of note.

But still this battered soul does know its way
Around the widespread moor bereft of trees;
For here the hopes anew as heathers sway
When Death upon our breath engraves his crease.

From brittle bones of heroes lying down,
A future pilgrim yet can carve his crown.


Somber Hours of Youth (An Alexandroid)

The hours that sing of sombre mood
____and echo truth,
Though seem the aged’s favoured food,
____they feed the youth.

But lest this world upon me doubt
____and stamp my view
As false with notions now worn-out,
____there’s something new.

The glow of fame, the pine for love
____Consume the life
Of young, who never stare above
____To win o’er strife.


An alumnus of IGIT Sarang, Satyananda Sarangi is a young poet who enjoys reading Longfellow, Shelley, Coleridge, Yeats and many others. His works have featured in Glass: Facets of Poetry, WestWard Quarterly, The GreenSilk Journal and other national magazines and books. He also loves electrical machines and renewable energy sources. Currently, he resides in Odisha, India.

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36 Responses

  1. Sathyanarayana

    Very nice poetry. Good imagery, fine thoughts and perfect meter. Kudos my friend.

      • Satyananda Sarangi

        Greetings Joseph Sir.

        Really glad that you see the path as good. It is true that it is a mammoth task ahead for young poets like me to elicit the art from within the soul. Poetry straight out from the soul is quite captivating and its beauty never does fade way with time. Such art I have seen many a time from your quill.

        Really happy to learn more.

        Lot of gratitude. Regards & best wishes.

    • Satyananda Sarangi

      Hello Sathyanarayana Sir, greetings!

      I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words and encouragement. I have read few poems of yours on the website and I have really loved them. It is always a great learning process.

      Thank you.

      Regards and best wishes.

      • Sathyanarayana

        My dear Sarangiji,
        One elderly poet and writer by name Mr. Mukunda Rama Rao ji is compiling the bios of good Indian English poets. I mentioned your name. Can you please email your bio to me. Sorry to contact you through this. I didn’t find other way. My email: please send as early as possible . Regards

  2. Amy Foreman

    Nice work, Satyananda! I enjoyed both, but particularly the form of the Alexandroid. Well done!

      • Satyananda Sarangi

        Hello Sir.

        The lyrical poetry has such a rich tradition and quite amazing is the way it still rules the roost in the poetry world. I remember reading Shelley’s ‘Ode to the West Wind’ and Coleridge’s ‘ The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ at school- having taken a spontaneous liking to them. Over the years, I have read poets like Robert Burns, Sir Wyatt, Walter Scott, R.L. Stevenson, Thomas Campbell and few more whose poems have touched me in manners that remain unexplained. Indeed, this journey is an exploration of beauty and self.


    • Satyananda Sarangi

      Amy ma’am, greetings 🙂

      You have been one of those – a constant source of encouragement. I have loved your work every time.

      I came to know about the Alexandroid here itself on Society’s website and had made up my mind instantly to have a go at it.

      Glad that you liked it and a compliment from you always makes my day.

      Regards and Best wishes.

      • Amy Foreman

        Absolutely, Satyananda! And thank you for the kind compliment on my poetry. I look forward–very much–to seeing more of yours in the coming days. Blessings to you!

  3. Swati Sarangi

    Congrats , first of all ! It’s so good to see how well you are experimenting with different forms of poetry.
    The pilgrimage to heaven: Well composed to state that the things which are worthy in life are achieved with an undying effort.
    Sombre hours of youth: Deep meaning with some simple words. very well structured! Kudos!

    • Satyananda Sarangi

      Hi Swati 🙂

      A huge token of thanks to you for having taken some time out of your schedule and reading these poems. I must confess that it is fun trying the experiment thing. In the first poem, though I have stuck to what I normally write, the second one is a new form to me.

      Very happy indeed that you liked both.

      Best wishes, friend. 🙂

  4. Margaret O'Driscoll

    ‘Heaven’s face’ and ‘wreaths of failures’…wonderful…

    • Satyananda Sarangi

      Greetings, Margaret ma’am 🙂

      I was trying to emphasise the crystal clarity and magnificence of the lake ( as if it was some mirror) by the usage of ‘Heaven’s face’. And regarding ‘ wreaths of failures’, it was a small effort to stress that ‘failures are much needed’.

      Quite grateful that the phrases caught your attention.

      Best wishes and Regards

  5. David Watt

    Satyananda, I very much enjoyed the consistently appealing imagery in both poems and the technical merit you display.

    • Satyananda Sarangi

      Hello David Sir.

      These kind and gentle words can make any poet’s day. I faintly remember your humorous poem ‘Grading Gumnuts’ and another poem- the title of which I am not able to recall but it had something related to Thomas Hood. Indeed, this website is a great place to mingle with various poets who are gifted and blessed.

      Looking forward to reading more of you.

      Warm Regards

  6. James Sale

    Delightful poetry, and I especially like the concluding couplet which the future pilgrim claims. Also, the word ‘Alexandroid’ is new to me! I see that the poem has an alexandrine line which is split 4/2, and this seems to work well, creating a swelling motion with a crisp, concise end-stop, except in the last stanza where appropriately there is enjambement. Well done.

    • Satyananda Sarangi

      Greetings James sir,

      Your words have always encouraged me to keep going with all zeal and spirit.
      Morever, the essays on Muse, I must confess, have added few ounces to my level
      of understanding classical poetry.
      Much thanks to you for our interactions that have been pivotal in my improvement.

      Gratitude and Regards

  7. Kashish Kaur

    These poems portray the magic of this world in such a magnificent way! Incredible work by the poet Satyananda Sarangi!
    He has a way with words that is very rare to find in day and age and his poetry never ceases to leave me awestruck!
    Well done, Satyananda! 🙂

    • Satyananda Sarangi

      Hello Kashish!

      I am very glad for your kind words. You too are a gifted young poet with tremendous promise.
      Even I have loved the unique way in which you convey your thoughts.

      All the best.

    • Satyananda Sarangi

      Hello Erika ma’am, greetings!

      You have been reading my poems since the day I had only a few. Quite grateful for all the
      motivation that you have been sending my way.

      Thank you for your valuable words.

      Regards & Best wishes.

    • Satyananda Sarangi

      Hello ma’am.

      A huge token of thanks to you for going through my work. I have to admit that I have loved all that
      I have read from your pen.

      Best wishes to you.

      Warm Regards

  8. David Hollywood

    Well done Satyananda, well structured, paced and romantic in their essence. You are producing very promising poetry. Well done again.

    • Satyananda Sarangi

      Greetings David Sir!

      I am overjoyed with your remark. It really does feel very satisfying when someone as artistic as you,
      applauds an emerging poet. I am learning and this undoubtedly help immensely.

      Thank you so much again.

      Regards and Best wishes.

      Best wishes

  9. Sahithya

    I am probably too naive a person to review your poetry. Your vocabulary is incredible. I don’t if I have understood the meanings of these poems right, I can definitely rely on the feel that I got after reading them. You seem to be quiet a deep thinker, with a mind full of solace and calmness. I would like to read a little simpler poetry for line 1 says it all..too naive. I look forward to buying your collection someday! Cheers 🙂

    • Satyananda Sarangi

      Hello Sahithya.

      I’m overwhelmed by these sweet words of praise, I must confess. And as far as the simplicity of these are concerned, they are simple for they stress on the very fact that life is all about determination, strife and faith. 🙂

      Glad that they imparted some feel to you. Thank you so much friend 🙂

      Best wishes

    • Satyananda Sarangi

      Greetings Disha,

      Quite glad and grateful that you found some time out of your busy schedule to read these poems.

      Thank you.. 🙂

  10. Bhagyashree Mishra

    Miraculous write Satyananda. Indeed Incredible!!!
    More power to your ink. May you scale new heights of success in the ki sphere. Best wishes

    • Satyananda Sarangi

      Greetings, Bhagyashree.

      I extend my hearty gratitude to you for your comments.

      Best wishes

  11. Sweta

    It’s a deep introspection about present, future from a youth and a reflection of past that an elderly would try to show the youngsters. Its a poem wrapoed with speculations,dreams and visions. Great work. Keep writing. Keep emerging.

    • Satyananda Sarangi

      Greetings Sweta!

      I am really thankful for your kind words.

      Best wishes to you too.


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