The Great Living Hell

On Communism

Under the radar I fly
Thru’ an ever more darkening sky
Thru’ the smoke from the volumes that burned
Thru’ the silence of lessons unlearned
Thru’ the sound of the shattering glass
Thru’ the thoughts of the mindless I pass
Thru’ the dust of the statues that fell
Thru’ the skies of the Great Living Hell


The Swamp

From the depths of the hidden swamp
where predators and villains romp
a nation watches in surprise
as they begin to drop like flies

Deplorable hypocrisy
exposed for all the world to see
A festering and fetid brew
until the light of day broke through

But still they scramble to repair
integrity that isn’t there
Pathetic yet without remorse
a swamp that must be drained by force




Joe Tessitore is a retired New York City resident and poet.

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2 Responses

  1. Fr. Richard Libby

    Well done on both! You certainly hit a timely bull’s eye with “The Swamp”.


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