I should be asleep!
But try as I might,
I can’t help but keep
Wanting to write.

Not only deep
Into the night,
But till birds cheep . .
And it’s all but light.


Monty Med is a 54 year-old driver who grew up in England, but he’s been living in Provence (France) for the last 17-18 years; and also spends 3 months every year in Nepal.

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9 Responses

    • Monty

      It wasn’t till last night, Chris, that I learnt my poem had been put on this page (and that was only ‘cos a chum noticed it: and called me on the spot). What an exquisite surprise it was to actually see it on the screen; that’s never happened before.

      Anyway, cheers for yer remarks. It sounds as if yer familiar with those impossible moments when one’s trying to juggle two opposites: The all-consuming physical need, at 5am, to shut one’s eyes (just stop writing, and get into bed) . . Pitched against the uncanny mental stimulation which can be attained when one’s on a deep train-of-thought with pen in hand; utterly indifferent to time.

      I’ve always found it fascinating how these two combatants can battle it out with each other for hours; while the hapless human, over whom they’re fighting, somehow rides the storm and stays on that ‘train’.

      The things we do for love, a!

  1. Kim Cherub

    Monty, I like the poem. You should post more!

    I think the meter might be better with “But till the birds cheep …”


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