A Christmas Card

A distant clang; here comes the heat
To chase the chill from hands and feet!
A steady hiss and many pings;
The song our radiator sings
To celebrate this Christmas morn
The day that Jesus Christ was born!

The windows now we see are dressed
With icicles – their very best!
And trimmed around with twinkling frost,
They’ve gone all out; they’ve spared no cost
To celebrate this Christmas morn
The day that Jesus Christ was born!

Our radiator’s quiet now
And on our knees, our heads we bow
To thank our Heavenly Father above
For His most precious gift of love!
We celebrate this Christmas morn
The day that Jesus Christ was born!


Dazzled by Your Majesty

Dazzled by Your majesty
I stand beneath Your canopy
Bejeweled as far as eye can see
With quarter moon and shooting stars
With planets – Jupiter and Mars
And all that sparkles, shining bright
A glorious celestial sight
This vision of Your power and might
On a frosty mid-November night


The Old Grandfather

The old grandfather ticks and tocks
I listen from the chair that rocks
And in this way we pass the time
As I do rock and he does chime
But if we both should have our fill
I wonder then would time stand still?

And if that happened, what would be?
Who’d step in then, Eternity?
To fill the void of time and space
And if she stepped, how fast her pace?
But if I once again should rock
Would that in fact re-set the clock?


A Mothers’ Song

Though from our warm and cozy nest
Where I once held you to my breast
Too soon from me you will fly free
You are and you will always be
My dear and precious pearls
My little boys and girls



As I look back on the searing pain
I realize that You did remain
ever at my side

And though I turned away from You
You held my hand and You saw me through
despite my foolish pride

And when I could no longer cope
when I believed there was no hope
when I fled and tried to hide

You found me in my darkest night
and flooded me with joy and light
and in Your arms I cried


Joe Tessitore is a retired New York City resident and poet.


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7 Responses

  1. Satyananda Sarangi

    Greetings for the day!

    The perfect kind of poetry to make one’s day 🙂

    Wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

  2. Amy Foreman

    Beautiful, metrically delightful, melodious hymns for this morning. Thank you, Joe!

    • Joe Tessitore

      Thank you both for your very kind words!

      The very best of the season to both of you!



  3. Fr. Richard Libby

    Well done, Mr. Tessitore! “A Christmas Card” is lovely in its simplicity.


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