The shining Santas smile in silver sleighs,
With dazzling reindeer poised on roofs, midair;
The phosphorescent elves stare in a daze,
While shim’ring tinsel hangs from angels’ hair.
The flashing lights, the lamps and laser beams
Illuminate the buildings everyplace—
The lights so bright they blind us in our dreams,
Their blazing patterns visible from space!
When all the glitz and glitter disappear,
As holidays come quickly and then go,
When plugs are pulled a day beyond New Year,
And dark descends amidst the cold and snow…
The light of Kindness glows eternally
In human hearts for God and Heav’n to see.


In Fields

I look around and wonder where’s this place,
So unfamiliar to me now, I fear,
With nothing I can touch, no one to hear.
And as I sit there, coldness stings my face,
I lose all sense of time, all sense of space.
It’s hard to tell if I am far or near,
It seems that all I’ve known has disappeared,
All colors, flavors, sounds, and smells—no trace.
The heartbeat of the universe endures,
Sustains my soul—this great revolving wheel.
The dark bears down, I know not what it yields,
But knowingly my spirit rests assured;
While waiting for the Truth that it reveals,
I sit alone so quietly in fields.



Connie Phillips is a former English teacher and editor living in Massachusetts.


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  1. Fr. Richard Libby

    These are very nice! I particularly liked the imagery in “Lights”.


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