First Place ($500 Prize): C.B. Anderson, Massachusetts
“Stonewalls Sometimes a Prison Make” “Praise for the Mother of Summer” “Meritocracy” “Verification”

Second Place: Adam Sedia, Indiana
“At Lincoln’s Tomb” “Vision” “Untitled”

Third Place: Fr. Richard Libby, Texas
“Made in China” (publication forthcoming) “When All the World Seems New” “You See Me Nearly Daily”

Third Place: Lorna Davis, California
“The Rarest of Gems” (publication forthcoming) “November”

Third Place: Don Shook, Texas
“Commie Carcinoma” “Cosmosis” “Cellphone Blues”

Honorable Mention
James A. Tweedie, Washington State: “One Every Minute” “A Shakespeare Reverie”
Ron L. Hodges, California: “The Exclusive Inclusive” “An Atheist’s Faith” “The Fall of Jerusalem”
Joe Tessitore, New York: “A Great Divide” “Harsh Reality?” “The Morning After the Parade” “Toward the Light”


Prose Award First Place: “Poetry and the Muses” Parts 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 by James Sale, England

Prose Award Second Place: “Put Down That Poem Before You Kill Yourself” by Con Chapman, Massachusetts


Translation Award ($100 Prize): J. Simon Harris, North Carolina
Iliad, Lines I.1-47“Dante’s Inferno: Canto I”


High School First Place ($100 Prize): Wandi Zhu, New York: “Passing of the Seasons” “The Faerie Glade”

High School First Place ($100 Prize): Annabelle Fuller, England: “The Breaking Season”

High School Second Place: Deborah Ogunsanwo: “Mother Earth-Woman” “Hell on Earth”

High School Third Place: Abygail Spurling, Ohio: “The Comforter”


(Note: There were not enough submissions in the Hudson Valley New York category, so that prize was canceled)

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  1. James Sale

    Great news – well done to all the poets!! It’s great to see and read such rich talent! I am particularly delighted to see J Simon Harris winning for his amazing translation from Dante.

  2. C.B. Anderson

    All the congratulations should go to Evan Mantyk, who created this venerable venue. I can only hope to continue contributing to what has turned out to be a truly amazing enterprise.


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