Between the trees, along the path
I hear the woodpecker tap tap tap.
Beneath the bridge, cyclists roll through
Pedaling and laughing two by two.

Friends holding hands, walkers with dogs,
A spring in their step, the jogger jogs,
On and on with strolling feet
Hoping I’ll find some friends to greet.

A nod, a smile, a wave motion
Leads to a silent reflection.
Energy lost and now gained
I’m so glad it hasn’t rained.


Rosaleen Crowley is a poet, artist and educator who was in born in Cork, Ireland and graduated from University College Cork. She first moved from Ireland to the South of England and then to the North of England where she taught Speech and Drama before she relocated to Carmel, Indiana, USA.  Rosaleen’s “Point of Connection”, a paintings and poetry, hardcover book was first published in Ireland by Bradshaw Books. Now available through Roscro and Co, LLC, Carmel IN. Rosaleen co- founded Carmel Creative Writers, Inc a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2017.


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