The sparkle on the river,
the lights from distant shore,
the cold and bitter glitter,
the beckoning of more,
Is beautiful to look at,
‘tis a pleasing sight to see,
like a woman dressed for dinner,
in all her finery.
But all that shines is not silver,
all that glitters isn’t gold,
and if you want the treasure,
and if the truth be told,
the view that one must ponder,
contemplate and get to know,
from the outside looking in,
the soul’s own steady glow,
a light that’s undiminished,
a fire that does not wane,
the treasure of the spirit,
a harvest of the plain,
the common and the simple,
the joy of days born new,
the treasure is the wonder
of the beauty within you.


Teri Skultety writes a variety of poetry and fiction transcending the boundaries of genre and convention. In addition to her own books, Teri’s work has been published with various webzines including Juked, Punchnel’s, and Solarcide, as well as having been included in several anthologies. Teri makes her home in California with her husband. You may read more at her webpage, 

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4 Responses

  1. Edwar Lee Subic

    Ms. Skultety effectively utilizes disyllabic words and monosyllabic rhymes in her song-like “harvest of the plain.”

  2. Teri Skultety

    Thank you all! Have been immersed in editing and just now thought to check pages I follow. Wish I had seen these comments sooner. Much appreciated.


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