The wisest poem ever
Was written by my daughter,
Although I’ve never known her
To be much of a scholar.

She’s only five years old now,
But wise beyond her years.
My daughter wrote a poem
That moved me into tears.

She scribbled down her feelings;
A napkin was her scroll;
A purple crayon her feather
Transcribing all her soul.

I’ve read a bunch of sonnets,
And other poems too.
By Whitman, Frost, and Shakespeare
And Maya Angelou.

But not a single poem
Has ever moved me more
Than words my daughter scribbled
Cross-legged on the floor.

She handed me the napkin,
Looked up at me and said,
“I wrote a little poem!”
Then watched me as I read.

Although it is a short one,
I hope you will agree…
The wisest poem ever:

I love me.
I love you.
I love we.


JJ Bitters was a drummer who wanted to share beautiful stories, so he became a poet who drums with words. He and his wife Marian live in Portland, Oregon.


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18 Responses

  1. James Sale

    Sentimental? Maybe. But beautiful? Certainly – from the mouth of babes we find the truth. And surely, absent of all bitterness!

  2. Amy Foreman

    How sweet! This brought a smile to my face. I’ll bet your daughter will always treasure your poem inspired by her poem! Well done, Dad Bitters!

  3. Joan Fullmore

    How trancendant and DNA proud you must have felt witnessing your daughter’s poet soul blossom in front of you! Her poem is the perfect trinity of how each relation should be!!! It could easily be the mantra litmus test of any relation: people place or thing! I also loved this poem done so well it kept me reading! BRAVO!!

  4. Monty

    How charmingly typical of a child to display such innocent simplicity. I’m reminded of a proclamation by Mr Wilde: ‘In America, the young are always ready to give those who are older than themselves the full benefits of their inexperience’.

  5. James A. Tweedie

    Mr. Bitters, You clearly have acquired a Muse. No doubt there will be more inspiration to come. Please share it with us. We all love we, too!

  6. Wendy Bourke

    This is wonder full! Children have a knack for getting at the simplest truths. I love the way this piece unfolds. The cadence is splendid, particularly when read aloud.

  7. Dave Whippman

    Nothing wrong with being sentimental sometimes. Very readable poem.

  8. Steven Shaffer

    As some have said, I’m also not much for sentimental poems, but this one reminded me of a poem that my daughter wrote when she was eight (I think). I’m pretty sure I kept it, but I don’t know where it is at the moment 🙁


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