By Amy Foreman

A cold and rainy afternoon recently gave rise to this little idea of a poem-puzzle.  I challenged myself to write a poem where each word started with a different letter of the alphabet, in order, from A to Z.  I allowed myself up to three extra words not in the alphabetical line-up, and I allowed “X” to stand in for “Ex.” It was a fun little puzzle to try fitting some sense, a theme, a meter, and a rhyme all around the letters of the alphabet.

Here, in all their glory, are some ABC nonsense poems:


Age vs. Youth

Aches, Bursitis, Carpal-tunnel,
Deafness, Entropy
Frown-lines, Gout, and Halitosis:
It’s Just Kids Like Me
Never Open Pills, Quite Rightly
Shunning Therapy.
Upstart Vocal Weanlings X-ude
Youth so Zestfully.


Starry Night

As Birdsong Ceased, Dark Evening Fell,
Genteelly Hovering,
Its Jewelled Kiss, Love’s Magic-spell,
No Other Promising.
Quintillion Radiant Starships Tell
Unending Vision-ing
While X-tra-luminaries Yell
To Zillions star-gazing.


Why Is My Fridge Empty?

Able Boys Can Definitely
Eat Food Glutt’nously.
Ham In Juice, Kohlrabi, Lychees,
Milk-n-Nuts, Or Peas,
Quiche, Ricotta, Stewed Tomatoes,
Upside-down-cake, Veal,
Watermelon, X-tra Yogurt,
Ziti—makes a meal!


Now, it’s your turn! Post your ABC nonsense poems below in the comments section.


Amy Foreman hails from the southern Arizona desert, where she homesteads with her husband and seven children.  She has enjoyed teaching both English and Music at the college level, but is now focused on home-schooling her children, gardening, farming, and writing. Her blog is


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113 Responses

  1. James A. Tweedie

    Sooooooo silly! Sooooooo much harder than it looks! Soooooooo . . . here goes nothing!

    Able bodied chef denies
    Edible fruits give health. Insists
    Juiced kiwi leaves’ll mesmerize.
    Neurotic ophthalmologists.
    Prepares quesadillas, roasted skink,
    Then uncooked veal with xanthic-yellow zinc.

  2. James A. Tweedie

    Finding an “x” word that made any sense was quite a challenge, lol! I hope others give it a shot. You are one crazy, clever lady, Amy. Your kids must be getting a great education with you in charge.

  3. David Watt

    The puzzle idea is quite clever! Your poems set the bar very high.
    However, here follows my attempt:

    A boy could dance,
    Eye fondest glance,
    Hold in joyous kiss
    Love’s mad nuances.
    Over-pacing Quickstep,
    Rhumba, Samba, Tango;
    Until Vigour’s wantonness
    Expires youthful zoom.

  4. Joe Tessitore

    Great fun but I got just about nowhere with it; “All babies cry”, “Anybody care”, “Amy bakes cookies”.

    My hat’s off to all of you!

    • Amy Foreman

      “A bitter, crushing disaster, eh?” Thanks for trying it out, Joe! 😉

  5. Nick

    Query for the Hollow Men

    Across broken columns, did Eliot find greatness hiding in jeweled, kingly light?
    Maybe. Not.
    Or perhaps these questions reach, slowly, toward undulating, violent waves bringing exhausted, yellowed zeitgeists.

  6. Theo

    After bittersweet changes
    Dreams effortlessly flourish
    Glory humbles instantly
    Just kind loving
    moves nascent obstructions
    Proving quiet repose
    Settles tumultuous undulating
    Wonderful experiences yearning for

    • Amy Foreman

      The phrase “yearning for Zion” goes far beyond the “nonsense poem,” Theo. Well done!

  7. David Paul Behrens

    A to Z

    A Bible can divulge
    even far greater heights
    in justice, knowledge,
    learning, meaningfulness,

    neatly opening plentiful questions
    regarding subtle truths,
    upon very wide examination,
    yielding zestfulness.

    I do not belong to any church, nor exclusively adhere to any specific religion or school of thought. About ten years ago I read the Bible, cover to cover, word for word, in its entirety, just as though I was reading a novel or a biography. I found it to be full of truth, wisdom and philosophy. I recommend to any poet seeking inspiration. For me, it induced the revelation that Jesus Christ is the single most influential and important human being in the history of mankind. As a result, he is my only hero. Speaking of revelations, I think the Book of Revelations is a fantasy and should be dropped from the Bible. It does more harm than good. (Funny how
    your little poetry puzzle challenge yielded all these thoughts. Thank you, Amy)

    • Amy Foreman

      Fabulous poem, David! I am so impressed by the depth and meaning in all the poems contributed thus far. I’m so glad others are enjoying this challenge, too!

  8. Damian Robin

    Hi Amy
    thanks for sharing your rainy day play.
    Impressive so many can follow your way
    and make so much sense
    from the small and dense
    with only three extra words for lee-way.

    Some time ago I had the notion
    to set alphabetical acrostical poemicals in motion;
    but Oh how tiresome,
    Oh how rum,
    to bid ev’ry letter of the alphabet come.

    So, to avoid the
    awkward x, y, z,
    I filled my head
    awful words instead.
    awfull (but seldom awe-full)
    a-w full
    a to w full
    a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w full
    absurds. Yes,
    nonsense bonne-sense
    that may be

    a bit clearer down every future gully
    having ingeniously juggled knowledge lovingly
    more narrow or perhaps quintessentially ravingly sense-less
    to ultimate vanity’s wilderness

    Yes, awful, isn’t it?

    But more fun than an alligator bun.
    Thanks, Amy,
    For the opportunity,

  9. Amy Foreman

    Here’s another one for the computer age:

    Always back computer drivers.
    Every file gets held.
    Index JPGs, key logins,
    Never overstuff your PC;
    Quick reboots save time.
    Under valid warranteeing,
    X-cel yields zilch crime!

    And a little explosive chemistry:

    After benevolent chemists decant ether’s foam,
    Gaseous helium instantly joins kaolin’s loam.
    Manganese, nitrogen, oxygen, all polychrome,
    Quickly react, so that “unbreakable” velodrome
    Wildly explodes yeasty zeppelins under its dome.

  10. Steven Shaffer

    Always betting, commonly doleful,
    eager, frequent, gaming hopeful.
    Incredible jackpot – my king! my liege!
    money bestows noblesse oblige.
    Practice quiet, regulatory stealth;
    taxes unpaid — volatile wealth.
    Extraordinary young zillionaire!

  11. Damian Robin

    Hi Amy, more fuel for the fire, I have no available awfuls—the one above was made on the spot as I have not kept the origional batch (from decades ago) though I may have one in an old magazine somewhere.
    Amazed at the full rhymes people have achieved. Here, I’ve managed 7 x 7-syllable lines with four half rhyme endings spaced by none-rymed lines.
    I may have cheated by using Mandarin words: Xin1xing4 – moral character and Zhen1 – Truth
    —I hope the content does not scare anyone off
    Very Best Damian

    Amid Boundless Confusion,
    Dafa Expands; Falun Gong
    Heals Inside-out. Justice, Known,
    Lifts Majorities’ Non-life.
    Opened, Pure, Quiet Reason
    Sustains Them, Uplifts Virtue,
    Wisdom’s Xinxing, Yielding Zhen.

    • Amy Foreman

      Wow! Impressively plotted out in an amazing 7×7 poetry grid! Very difficult to do. Bravo, Damian!

  12. Damian Robin

    Addicted, bother …

    Penalty Shootout

    Ball Centered.

    Eyes Focusing

    He Inhales.
    Jimmies. Kicks …

    Lops Miserably…
    Nicks Outer Post!

    Qualifying Roasts …

    Starts Turning Upfield, Visibly Worn.

    X. Young. Zero.

    • Amy Foreman

      So sorry I didn’t see this fabulous ABC poem until now, Damian! This is just genius, the spacing, the punctuation, the structure. Really, really good!

      • Damian Robin

        Thanks Amy, I was beginning to think it was TOO non-traditional!

  13. Amy Foreman

    Absolutely not to non-traditional, Damian. It may be my favorite one yet, simply because it doesn’t feel forced at all, even though it has been squeezed into this extremely limiting form. Great job! I, also, am a bit addicted to this puzzle when I have the time and inclination . . . so here’s another one about calling the kids home to supper . . .

    Atlases best can direct every fourth-grader home.
    Instantly, juvenile kids loudly make noise or phone.
    Quickly returning, by some transportation unknown,
    Vaulting those wayward x-patriates back to your zone.

      • Damian Robin

        Astonishing! Brilliant, Cadenced Dactyls …
        (Excuses Florrish, Guiding Hopelessness In —
        Just Kan’t Keep up — Kompetitive, Loco Mentality .. Me, me …

        Bravo, Amy,
        dexterous prosody,
        rhythm and symmetry.
        [Though I think you missed a bit—
        shouldn’t ‘noise’ be ‘noises’
        in the midst of it
        to keep the dactyl’s poises?]
        It wonderfully evokes the peel,
        the belling mayhem of the meal,
        the calling to of mini hordes
        from far and wide and odd abroads;
        the homely, mini refectory,
        that may be in a mini assembly hall
        where some sense of parity
        with the wider educational sprawl
        is as good as it can be.

        [ I home schooled my kids
        — or ‘home educated’ as we say
        in this across-the-water here UK —
        with my wife and many bids
        to higher beings to keep the lids
        on stew pots and the binned get-rids.
        The memories don’t disappear
        though all growed up and in their 20s
        with some, as adults, still living here,
        and that is plenties!! ]

        That you appear sane and happy and have time for yourself in poetry is praise for well done schooling — that your children must be paying back some of what you’ve taught them.

        PS Did you know, in Chinese the word for ‘name’ is the sign for dusk above the sign for mouth. It alludes to parents calling their children home in the evening.



  14. Amy Foreman

    What a lovely post, Damian! And it was wonderful to read that you and your wife home-educated your kids. My husband and I have made many mistakes as parents, but schooling the kids at home was not one of them!

    Glad the public system
    Missed ’em!
    We were happy to assist ’em!

    Proverbs says, “Correct thy son, and he shall give thee rest; yea, he shall give delight unto thy soul.” It’s the truth. All seven of ours (ages 12 through 22) are a constant delight, and give both my husband and me rest. I think the closeness that comes from schooling at home fosters a big bunch of goodwill between the kids and the parents and between the kids and each other. . . even though all of us occasionally do drive one another crazy! Still, we wouldn’t have it any other way!

    Blessings to you and your family!

  15. Vanth Seven

    This was a super fun post to read. I did a similar challage is my old writing group. It was to write a poem with song titles from only 1 band. Perhaps you would like to try. I chose the Grateful Dead. You could use extra words to connect sentences but every line has to contain a song title.
    Death is Life for the Grateful Dead
    The dark star is coming
    She is the October Queen
    The saint of circumstance

    Pick up you’re china doll little queen
    Forget the sins of your father
    There is work to be done
    Their watching you from Franklyn’s tower

    Your warrior awaits you in this broke down palace
    In his hand a box of rain
    He is the estimated prophet
    A trinket grail but the blood is purely yours

    Venture through the cold rain and snow and pay your tariff
    At Terrapin station all the while whispering he’s gone
    But here in your fathers last temple he whispers back
    She belongs to me

    A thirteen point lightning rod will steel your face
    Just as Jack Straw leads you through
    Shakedown St mumbling to himself
    About yesterday’s Mexicali blues

    In the days between there are no easy answers
    Believe it or not all we are is just a ripple
    In the black muddy river

    Blow away your foolish hearts
    You are neither the victim or the crime
    In this strange world
    This night of a thousand stars

    Here only the strange remain even so
    You were built to last you’re the mind bender
    A ramble on rose here where
    Time never ends just empty pages in the
    Greatest story never told

    Dance your samba in the rain
    Underneath the Banyan tree
    Celebrate childhoods end

    Black throated wind blows through the
    Fire on the mountain in a touch of gray
    There stands Wharf Rat throwing stones
    Beckoning to you with crazy fingers

    “My queen from the heart of me there is help on the way
    Please let me sing our blues away I find you easy to love
    If I had the world to give I would wrap it just for you
    Wrap it in scarlet begonias”

    Dire wolf circles through the fennario and the demon daughters
    Standing on the moon are linked by an unbroken chain
    Getting drunk on the pride of Cucamonga

    Dire wolf lets out a mighty roar “Be gone black Peter
    Take your demon wife’s with you I know you rider
    You friend of the devil”

    “Nihil interesse inter diemet saeculum”
    No Peter this is the poorest day to die but you for you
    Death don’t have no mercy
    It’s just like any other day that’s ever been

    The only time is now sweet crimson rose
    Peter’s blood runs to sweet ruby Cerise from his foolish heart
    Yet Reuben and Cerise are merely the Pirouette in the carnival
    And I’m your fatal vision

    Wave to the wind I will show you the way to go home
    With my immortal kiss now just through that corps aside
    All liars, pretender , Peter , Rueben , Wharf Rat it makes no differences in a name
    The righteous purest will ascend while ravens sing you to sleep

    “Never trust a women” Silents wolf I am death I am the big bad wolf you fool
    I am the nightmare that never ends you are just the thorn of the rose vine
    Encompassing life’s mortal coil little queen
    Lazy lightning resembles the wolfs smirk of a smile
    Smile smile smile

    I know you yet you feel like a stranger
    I am the strange the martyrdom the keeper of the rose
    But I have no need for the attics of my life
    Oh my little China doll

    Righteous blood will feed your soul and the strength of hatred
    Will fuel you for the journey down the lazy river road
    You see a broken heart I see a new beginning

    It must have been the roses that led you to me
    Come your lost sailor awaits in the last of your fathers homes
    In the musk rat flats there the last red wood temple dwells
    Your ancient prince sitting with a grail of memories
    And a box of rain.
    By Vanth Seven (Enjoy)

    • Amy Foreman

      What fun, Vanth Seven! This could be a great rainy day game–now if only there would be another rainy day in Arizona! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  16. Jenni Wyn Hyatt

    What an amazing challenge, Amy, and what terrific poems are emerging! Unfortunately, like Joe’s, my mind at the moment is a complete blank.

    • Amy Foreman

      Haha . . . I know what you mean, Jenni! You might have to wait for that rainy afternoon! I, too, have been so impressed with the creative poems that have resulted from this challenge.

  17. Linda Imbler

    A Misstep in Space

    A big comet dodging Earth flew,
    generously hacked
    into Jove, kept little matter,
    not otherwise packed.
    Quite ruined stars’ telemetry,
    Upset space’s vac,
    whose infinite X-istence you
    labeled Zodiac.

    • Amy Foreman

      Wonderful rhyming poem, Linda, with sense and meaning worked expertly into the tight construction–very well done!

    • Joan Carol Fullmore

      Linda, I have thought of your poem each day since reading for I am a lover of astronomy and metaphysics – to me your poem is genius in how it captures the beginning of our universe and Amy’s idea allows it to be easily memorized!! You might show your poem to Neil deGrasse and let him know how Amy inspired you. I asked him a question on relativity long ago by email (he probably doesn’t even use that now – message him on Facebook or twitter) and he replied – you never know he may feature your poem on his site if you can contact him. Once again this is brilliant!!!

  18. Joan Carol Fullmore

    Alone breathing calming down, ever
    Free God He’s Infinity Justice Keeper.
    Love money neighbors out pace quieter
    Resting. Serene trusting understands
    Victorious wisdom exudes – your Zen!

    • Amy Foreman

      This is beautiful and meaningful, Joan! With no extraneous words. Lovely!

      • Joan Carol Fullmore

        Thank you so much! Means a lot coming from you!

  19. Paul Gray

    A Kiss from Zorro.

    A bully can’t
    Defeat easily,
    Fight good humouredly
    Impose joyous kindness
    Learn mostly,
    Not optimistic prayers!
    Quiet ripostes shall then usurp
    Valiantly winning
    Yours, Zorro.

  20. Joella Wadel

    ABC Amy
    Alphabetical bohemian—
    Culled, dilettante, elect.
    Feasance to genius heirology!
    Intellect juggler. Kind Lent
    And mercy for national opera poet.
    Quintessent radial sarod to
    Underwrite verbatim ways.
    eXulti Yin Zenith.

    • Amy Foreman

      A Breath-taking, Consummate Discourse: Each Formulation Glimmering with Humorous Intellect, Joella!
      . . . .Bravo!

  21. Amy Foreman

    To all who have contributed thus far:

    A Big Congratulations!
    Delightful Entries From Great Human Intellects
    Just Kinda Leave Me Nearly Overjoyed!
    Poets Quite Readily Shape Tour de forces Unique:
    Veritable Workmanship eXcelling . . .
    Yessir, they’re sure Zippy!

  22. Paul Gray

    The Birth.

    A baby comes
    Disdaining every fear
    Generating hopes
    Instigating joyful kisses
    Loves mad nuances ordered
    Placate querulous reasoning
    Smothering the ubiquitous vanities
    Welcoming Xavier’s
    Youthful zephyrs

  23. Paul Gray

    The New College Dean’s Speech.
    Approaches breathing, coughs
    Doubt ensues feverishly,
    Galloping hormones
    Ignominious jibes
    Kinfolk lachrymose,
    Mouthing naysayers
    Optimism postponed
    Quizzing repeatedly,
    Suspicion towers
    Voice withers
    Xenophobic Yawns

    • Amy Foreman

      Oh, that poor new college dean! I have seen a crowd of blasé students like that, with the new guy trying to work up the courage to speak in front of them! Very creative poems, Paul!

  24. Paul Gray

    Homo Flinstonious.

    After Barney called during eventide
    Fred got hot
    It’s just kinda loose
    Making noises openly
    Practically Queer,
    Real sexy though,

    • Amy Foreman

      Haha! This one is just delightfully goofy! Thanks for the chuckle, Paul!

  25. Juleigh Howard-Hobson

    Arise, beautiful children! Dawn enters
    Fairyland, gaining here its journey’s keen
    Luminescence. Morning, new-sprung, occurs.
    Pan’s quick-quivering reeds swell to unseen
    Voices warbling with
    Exaltation: yellow’s zenith.

    • Amy Foreman

      Wow, Juleigh! Beautiful imagery and perfect sense–you’ve incorporated such an ethereal, picturesque mood into this strict “form.” Well done!

      • Juleigh Howard-Hobson

        Thank you. Your challenge was inspiring!!

  26. Paul Gray

    Anthony became Cleo,
    Daring emasculation
    Found girlishly happy instincts joyously kinetic
    Loathed manhood’s nervy oppressive posing,
    Quick reacting, slow thinking, useless vain wisecracking yobbo

  27. Paul Gray

    Anthony became Cleo,
    Daring emasculation
    Found girlishly happy instincts joyously kinetic
    Loathed manhood’s nervy oppressive posing,
    Quick reacting, slow thinking, useless vain wisecracking ex yobbo

  28. Amy Foreman

    Paul, you are on fire! Your ABC poems are clever, culturally apropos, and plentiful! Five stars!

  29. Paul Gray

    Fatuous Gluttonous.

    Apples, blue cheese,
    Devilled eggs,
    Fried garlic,
    Horseradish, ices
    Jackfruit, kedgeree,
    Lemon meringue (nice option),
    Pressed quail, roasted sardines,
    Tuna uncooked, Venison,
    Wilfully expanding
    Your zips.

    • Amy Foreman

      You are definitely on a roll, Paul! A gooey, caramel roll, dripping with butter! You’re making all of us who read this hungry . . . 😉

      • Paul Gray

        Great idea Amy and great fun, but slightly addictive. Many thanks.

  30. Paul Gray

    Window Sill Fester.

    A blind cat
    Dives everywhere,
    Forgotten, gone
    His instinct’s jarred
    Killing little mammals
    Not optional
    Purring quietly?
    Rarely so tranquil!
    Usurped, vexed
    Wearisome exit,

    • Amy Foreman

      Wonderful, Paul! I agree. It IS addictive! I have found myself, going through my day, and thinking thoughts . . . and suddenly realizing those thoughts are alphabetical! Funny how the brain gets going on a certain track . . . Glad you’ve enjoyed this as much as I have!

  31. Paul Gray

    Ah blessed children
    Don’t ever forget
    Good homes
    Inspire joy,
    Loosens magnificent nascent optimism,
    Providing questioning’s royal solace,
    These upward visions
    Welcome xeniums,
    Yield zest.

    • Amy Foreman

      An ABC blessing for the home . . . perfect! Had to look up “xeniums.” That was a new one: “1 : a present given among the ancient Greeks and Romans to a guest or stranger and especially to a foreign ambassador. 2 xenia plural : gifts sometimes given compulsorily to medieval rulers and churches.” (Merriam-Webster)

  32. Damian Robin

    Acrostics Based on Chinese Do Exist
    (well, sort of).

    “In Chinese language, there are no letters. Every single word/character stands alone and means something. So, putting every first word of each line of a poem together, they mean something else.
    Well, now let’s show everyone an example of Cang Tou Shi. “

    Although acrostics of roman alphabets do not need to tag the first letter of a line, Chinese Cang Tou Shi do. As the translator Jennifer Zeng says in the blog linked above: “Cang” is the Chinese word for “to hide”, or “hidden”. “Tou” means at the beginning. “Shi” is the Chinese word for poetry and poem.

    Not as tight as the a to zeds on this page, Amy, but interesting possibilities.

    • Amy Foreman

      Very interesting, Damian! I think there would be all sorts of fun possibilities with this using the English language. We usually think of acrostics as just dealing with the beginning letter, but what if all the beginning words of lines read as their own message when perceived from top to bottom, as the “White Cloud” Cang Tou Shi did? And what if the second words could be read from top to bottom, reading the same as the second line? And the third words, read from top to bottom would be the same as a third line? And so on . . . sort of a linguistic sudoku.

      Kind of a strange idea, but I tried it on for size. This poem doesn’t make a lot of sense, but if you look carefully, the first words of each line are the first line, and the second words of each line are the second line, and so on. I couldn’t make it come out quite right, but it’s a first attempt–and I tried to keep a little rhyme going there, too.

      This should ward off old-age diseases! 😉

      Can you listen or rehearse?
      You should know this is a curse.
      Listen, know it’s not a game,
      Or this knot head seeking fame.
      “Rehearse” is a seeking word.
      For a game, fame once was stirred.
      That curse, now, is undeterred.

  33. Paul Gray

    Star Man.

    After Bowie
    Culture declined!
    England’s fey genius,
    Harmonious inveterate jester
    Life, Mars?
    Outstandingly pretentious
    Quintessential Rocker
    Sexy traversing upstager
    Visionary wordsmith
    Young Ziggy!

    • Amy Foreman

      David Bowie, anyone? Another great ABC from Paul Gray!

  34. Paul Gray

    The Other Route.

    Zippers yawning,
    X-rated wantonness
    Vibrant untrammelled torsions,
    Sensual revelry
    Questing Passion
    Overthrows normalities,
    Moist lustful kisses Joined
    Intimate harmonised groupings,
    Forgotten edicts
    Disdaining convention
    Bacchanalian abandon.

    • Amy Foreman

      Oh, boy! The backwards poem . . . about moral backsliding . . . this is a great idea, because the easier part of the poem will come last, instead of the poet getting to “v” or “w” and running out of options!

      • Paul Gray

        Being Irish, my experience is that moralists slide on their bellies.

  35. Paul Gray


    Another banal concert,
    Discouraging expectations
    For Godot,
    Halfwit’s incessant japes
    Kinaesthetic Lucky
    Moron’s nervous overbearing pleas
    Terribly unique,
    Vladimir’s weary existential yawn,

    • Amy Foreman

      ABC ennui, oh, me!
      Nicely done by Paul, you see . . .

      And here’s a little upset at the local zoo . . . so much for lunch!

      Armadillos, Bengal-tigers, Coatimundis, Dogs,
      Egrets, Fawns, Gorillas, Hippos, Insects on their Logs,
      Jaguars, Killer Lions, Mambas, Night-Owls, Plus Quahaugs,
      Rats, Snails, Ticks Upset Vans, X-ing Yeasty Zoo hot dogs.

  36. Paul Gray

    Noble Bill’s no bilge as Noblesse Oblige.

    A Bard Comes,
    Dramatic English Foreseer,
    Greatest Harbinger,
    Ironic Jewelled Knowledge
    Leading Mankind,
    Nuanced Observer
    Philosopher, Questioner,
    Romanticist, Satirist, Tragedian,
    Unmatched Veracity,
    Worldly Excellent
    Yon Zeus.

  37. Paul Gray

    Laptop lapsarian.

    All Bloody Cowards
    Dreading Eternity’s Fate
    Generate Hope
    Imply Justice
    Kill logic
    Manufacture Nonsense,
    Oppressive Protestants, Quakers
    Rabbled Sectarians,
    Transcendental Universalists,
    Villainous Wormwoods
    Expectant Yea-saying

  38. Paul Gray

    I won’t be in today for the South Wind brings:
    Abscesses, Bunions, Callouses,
    Dengue, Ebola, Fever, Gout,
    Hernias, Impetigo, Jaundice,
    Kawasaki, Leprosy, Mange,
    Neurosis, Osteoporosis,
    Pneumonia, Q-fever,
    Rickets, Sarcoidosis
    Tachycardia, Ulcers,
    Venereal, Warts,
    Xerostomia, Yaws,

  39. Paul Gray

    Baker Street.
    Arthur’s Book
    Conan Doyle,
    Fiendishly Good Holmes
    Intuitive, Jocular
    Killers Lagged,
    May Need Other?
    Quiet, Reliable, Stoical, Trustworthy
    Unimpeachable Valiant Watson,
    Yet Zealous!

  40. Amy Foreman

    William Shakespeare, Original Sin, and a catalogue of diseases . . . all in ABC format! Go, Paul!

  41. Paul Gray

    Still Single Seeks.
    Artistic Bohemian
    Creative Dandy,
    Excellent Fellow
    Gregarious, Handsome
    Inveterate Joker,
    Kind, Loving, Manly,
    Naturally Optimistic
    Passionate, Quiet
    Reasonable, Serious,
    Trustworthy, Upstanding
    Viable Womanising
    Ex Yodelling

    • Amy Foreman

      Haha! I doubt if the SWF is going to find herself a man who’s all those things, from A to Z! Seriously, Paul, you should make a book of these–you are prolific! 🙂

      • Paul Gray

        Bringers of light.

        A burning candle
        Dying embers
        Flaring gases,
        Jokes, Kids, Laughter,
        Old Photographs,
        Quivering Rays,
        Shiny things

  42. Paul Gray

    Painting Salvador’s Funeral.

    A bovine canoe,
    Dali’s eggs,
    Funereal goldfish,
    Happy Impala’s juggling Kirsch labels
    Malevolently naked overlords
    Pronouncing Quatrains,
    Rising sherry tides,
    Upended valises,
    Wildebeest Xylophones,
    Yo-yoing Zimmer-frames.

  43. Amy Foreman

    “Bringers of Light” is quite profound. Well done, Paul!

  44. Paul Gray

    On the…

    A bum,
    It’s Johnny,
    Malloy’s nobody,

  45. Paul Gray


    Adolf became chancellor
    Death ensued,
    Feral Germany,
    Iniquitous Jew Killing,
    Loathsome Mankind’s New Order,
    Protection? Quashed!
    Resistance? Some!
    Ubiquitous vilification,
    War, extermination,

    • Amy Foreman

      History in ABC! Another couple of impressive groupings from Paul Gray!

  46. Lauren Latona

    This really tested my patients, haha, but I wanted to give it a whirl!


    Apparition blazon corruption,
    Decency escapes foes.

    God harboring ill-will,
    Justice knows lascivious motivation –
    Not objectivism.

    Parish questor,
    Right seldom triumphs.

    Unanticipated visitor,
    We without xenia –
    Yield zeal.

    • Lauren Latona

      PATIENCE !! Sorry, it’s late! The part of my brain that knows how to spell checks out at a certain point each night.

      • Amy Foreman

        Well done, Lauren! It’s a trick to get it all to form sentences, but you did it easily, it appears! Thanks for trying this out! 🙂

  47. Joe Spring

    I had to go find this one I wrote in 2016.

    “Afrikaners, Blacks, Coloureds
    Durbanites, English foreigners:
    Go, hate, in ‘justice’,
    kill, loot, mock!”


    Offer peaceful questions.

    Revise, share, teach.
    (Usually, violent wrath
    exposes young zeal.)

    • Amy Foreman

      I hadn’t visited this page in quite some time, Joe, and just saw this poem! What a meaningful, well-written sentiment, even apart from the genius alphabetical line-up! Well-done!

  48. Rupert Palmer

    Azure breezes’ cadent dance
    Enters fire-gasping helm
    Inuring jousting knightly lance
    Mighty nimbuses of Pelm
    Quixotic rider, stallion tall, unreal
    Vanquish who’d exhaust your zeal!

  49. R Linelle G

    Tower in the East

    A bending cold darkness elongates forth
    Ghastly howls ignite jail’s kingdom
    Lightning mimics nearby onlookers
    Penitentiary Quakers, Reformatory Slammer
    Volatile “Willie”, XI yardbirds zip


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