The painful birth of motherhood
So few have really understood
Is but a shadow that foretells
The pain our parents knew so well
Of children singing out farewell

As to their freedom they rush out
With a merry, happy shout
“See you, mom, papa,” they call
Do they look back? Not at all
Headlong, heeding freedom’s call.

While we stay behind, pretend
It’s a new beginning, not an end
They have crossed a Finish Line
For the first time, we’re left behind
Watching, waiting, marking time.

And these pains unlike birth pangs go
Not in waves, but slow, real slow
The first sharp stabs are weeks apart
When they forget to call, your heart
Then feels a spasm really sharp.

They carry on their merry way
We check our e-mails every day
Every text on our mobile
Is opened with expectant smile
Every call is answered while

For them, it’s ‘can I call back please?’
Rattled off with smiles, with ease
While we hold back our tears today
Say, “sure, but don’t forget, okay?”
And hold off for another day.

Until at last the birth pangs ease
They never really ever cease
A day then dawns, they have their own
And that’s when you will know they’ve grown
Their love for you is then full blown

It’s time for you to smile again
It’s time to let go of the pain
It’s time for them to say to you
Those words of love, born fresh, anew
“Dear ma, dear pa, we love you too.”


Rohini Sunderam is a Canadian of Indian origin. She is a semi-retired advertising copywriter whose articles and stories have appeared in The Statesman, Calcutta, India, The Globe & Mail, Canada, and The Halifax Chronicle Herald, Nova Scotia, Canada in addition to several Bahrain-based publications. As Zohra Saeed, she is the author of Desert Flower (Publisher: Ex-L-Ence Publishing UK). She was a contributor to the anthology My Beautiful Bahrain (Publisher: Miracle Publishing, Bahrain), More of My Beautiful Bahrain & Poetic Bahrain, (Robin Barratt Publishing UK), Corpoetry – a collection of poems satirising corporate life (Publisher: Ex-L-Ence Publishing).

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29 Responses

  1. David Hollywood

    Well done Rohini. A lovely reflective poem full of poignancy.

  2. Leonard Dabydeen

    Poignant; endearing and timely for Mother’s Day, Rohini.

      • Thanuja

        Lovely poem Rohini. All mothers will relate to this so very well.
        Keep writing.

  3. Amy Foreman

    Lovely, Rohini–both parents’ love coming full circle. Perfect for Mother’s Day!

  4. David Watt

    A beautiful poem for Mother’s Day. Just as in life, you show how all threads come together in time.

  5. kavery nambisan

    Such a warm and well-realised poem. Dear Rohini, thanks very much for this.

  6. anjan muhury

    Life begins with birth pangs. That is the real beginning of the new journey of a new life. This is what a mother silently prepares for. All by herself, with the hand of God, in attendance !

  7. Mallika

    TY Rohini! Life itself is bittersweet, and your poem so well reflects that duality, that is built into every crest and valley we encounter! Happy Mothers Dy to you!

  8. Joy Lennick

    Well done Rohini! You must be thrilled. A heart-felt poem and lovely, apt picture. Offspring, especially…should read it! Hugs xx

    • Rohini

      They did! And my daughter says she can see that she was the inspiration for this poem! Gotta love kids…

  9. Shereen

    Rohini…that is such a touching poem. I read it again and again. Wish you a lovely Mother’s Day.

  10. sharon edwards

    Your wonderful daughter forwarded this beautiful poem to me on Mother’s Day. It truly brought tears of happiness to me – thank you for your inspiration in writing it

  11. Satyananda Sarangi

    Greetings ma’am,

    A poem that was touching to the core. Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day. 🙂


    • Rohini

      Thank you all! I am so thrilled with all the responses and wishes. I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day


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