I have not been to Medford, nor Milan;
I have not seen a war, nor won the peace;
I’ve risen to six thousand cloudy dawns
that – not once – promised sun, and storms to cease.
I have not stood to spurn the March of Time;
nor have I dreamed of stories minus loss.
Imposter lands do beckon – paths unwind
as stubborn seas remain, to me, uncrossed.
I have not drowned the snowy streets in ink
that pours from some dark room behind my eyes;
nor have I dwelled in candled inns to drink
the lees, when it was all was left behind.
And yet, I say again, on time I borrow:
“Fear not! – for I shall do it all tomorrow.”


Anthony Wang is a high school student in Toronto.

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14 Responses

  1. J. Simon Harris

    Very nice work, Anthony! You have a strong command of the sonnet form. It’s hard to believe you’re just a high school student (16 or 17 years old, or so I gather from line 3). I hope you continue writing.

  2. Trevor Siggers

    Anthony, your pen must continue. Don’t put it off until tomorrow. Brilliant and thanks for sharing your thoughtful lines.
    Best wishes

  3. Barbara Barnes

    For one so young a new sky star’s been hung.
    Thank you Anthony Wong

  4. Amy Foreman

    Well done, Anthony! This sonnet is simple, elegant, and musical . . . all that a sonnet should be. I sincerely hope we see many more poems by you in the future. Keep on writing and submitting; you’re the real deal!

  5. Terry Reeves

    The thing you have not done
    so far is to gain understanding – but then few of us have ever done so.

  6. C.B. Anderson


    Amazingly, you seem to have mastered the strict iambic line at a fairly young age. And your teachers should congratulate you on your mastery of English diction and grammar, especially your expert placement of commas. But the final couplet, a nice ironic twist, is where your greatest talent lies.

  7. Ramon Rodriguez

    Anthony, thank you for sharing this your creation. Like some have already said, don’t stop writing! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your poetry!

  8. James A. Tweedie

    Anthony, Years ago, I wrote my Dad a Father’s Day letter thanking him for all the things he hadn’t been and hadn’t done. Sometimes it is the thing left undone that saves us! A good poem and, as C.B. points out, a great closing couplet.

  9. David Watt

    Anthony, this is a terrific sonnet. You definitely should continue to write, as your talent is obvious.


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