Sail Fever

I knew some terms, the merest germs
Of illness called ‘Sail Fever’:
Tack starboard, port, keep mainsail taut,
Steer boat by tiller lever!

One Saturday, beside the bay,
A salesman full of running
Cast practised spiel of salty zeal,
Sheer confidence and cunning.

He said, “This boat will stay afloat
Through any storm or bluster,
And in the main, she won’t complain,
No matter skills you muster.

Commanding crew of one or two,
They’ll call you Captain, Sir!
With Captain’s hat, windblown cravat –
A sight to make one stir!

In years ahead, when home in bed,
You’ll love your purchase bold;
A bargain bought, Life’s high-tides caught!
(May I mark as SOLD?)”

I met defeat, not through deceit,
But pitch designed most clever;
The pull of sea to large degree,
A dream of sails forever.

About to gloat, with sailing boat,
A bill of sale to show it;
There came a thought of some import –
I had no means to tow it!


Take Me With You, Kangaroo

Take me with you on your travels
As the day to night unravels.
Let us savour scent of wattle
Sweeter than a perfume bottle.

Lead me where the gullies green
Glisten in the ev’ning sheen,
And the birds in nervous haste
Leave behind pale aftertaste.

And as darkness settles in
What a wondrous sight to win!
Stars of brightness amplified,
Peace which cannot be denied.

Although you are a kangaroo,
Beneath your grey beats heart most true;
Never wishing more than what
Night time brings – content with lot.

On the balance of Life’s scales
Who’s to say who wins, who fails?
The winner may well be a roo,
With joys abounding, troubles few!


David Watt is a writer from Canberra, the “Bush Capital” of Australia. He has contributed regularly to Collections of Poetry and Prose by Robin Barratt. When not working for IP (Intellectual Property) Australia, he finds time to appreciate the intrinsic beauty of traditional rhyming poetry.

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8 Responses

  1. David Watt

    Thank you David! I am glad you find a rhythmic flow to ‘Sail Fever’.

  2. James A. Tweedie

    Witty as always, David. Keep ’em comin’! Your efforts may not be “high poetry” but they’re not be “low poetry,” either. As far as I’m concerned, they’re “Just Right!” Always as pleasure.

  3. E. V.

    The end of Sail Fever made me laugh! Thank you. Both poems were enjoyable.

  4. James Sale

    Sail Fever made me laugh, David – thank you! Sometimes we need relief, and as they say, laughter is the best medicine!! Well done.


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