a Petrarchan sonnet

Highlighting midnight across darkened skies
flies the Supermoon hidden in all of its glory;
though sightless and somber, a maker of stories
soon reaching its perigee, near us it flies.

Celestial body whose mystery lies
in a facial expression now laden with quarries
to whom we confess all our hopes and our worries,
what history lurks in those cavernous eyes?

Magical ruler of tides and the Earth,
waxing and waning to rhythm of one,
monthly appearance as Queen of the night,

Mystical healer of life and rebirth,
dancing the shadows of Earth from the Sun,
select to reflect both the darkness and light.



Shari Jo LeKane lives in St. Louis, Missouri, writes poetry, prose and articles, and specializes in literary criticism, creative writing, Spanish Language and culture, business and community development, educational and leadership development, non-profit matters, disability, elderly care and advocacy. She has a B.A. in English, Spanish, an M.A. in Spanish from Saint Louis University in Madrid and St. Louis, and additional certifications. She teaches Spanish at an HBCU in St. Louis, Missouri, and Creative Writing and Poetry. Shari’s poetry has been published in literary magazines worldwide. She considers herself a modern formalist, addressing contemporary issues in poetic verse with a stylized language.


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10 Responses

  1. Charlie Southerland

    Dear Ms. LeKane-Yentumi–

    Very nice use of dactylic tetrameter. I enjoyed the poem muchly.

  2. David Watt

    I really liked the flow of this sonnet and the overall effect. Well done Shari!


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