Things shifted for them suddenly
From seeing their folks in the morn
To mourning their folks in the sea.


Mike Ruskovich lives in Grangeville, Idaho. He taught high school English for thirty-six years. He and his wife have four children.

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9 Responses

  1. Trevor Siggers

    I do like this condensed whole food for thought. Brilliant.
    PS Captain Smith came from my home town but he’d moved before I arrived.

    • DPB

      B Stock, you may want to avoid ‘Tempest’, by Bob Dylan. Forty-five quatrains about the Titanic published in 2012, one hundred years after the tragedy.

  2. Joseph S. Salemi

    The poem is in the form and style of the Greek or Roman epigram: a short effusion of two to four lines on any subject, serious or comic.


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