a Petrarchan sonnet

Life’s hills have been trampled since first we met,
That mad, magic moment long years ago,
When your smile lit fires in the candle’s glow
And trapped me forever in Venus’ net.
Though with time we’ve mellowed, grown peaceful, yet
Your power’s still as potent. Wherever I go,
I do what I must, not doubt what I know.
I’m steeled by your love, there’s no guilt to regret,
Because, love, you’re you. Years dare do no harm.
Lines, fuller figure, fine silvering hair,
Your inborn beauty but enhance. Though death
Tried one vicious attack on your heart, calm
Surgical hands made light of the affair.
Azrael shall not, while I live, steal your breath.


Tod Benjamin lives in Bournemouth, England, and is a retired businessman who, after years of globetrotting in the chemical business, wintered in Florida as a retiree golfer until forced to give up golf. He has written, for his own pleasure over many years, short stories, essays, novels, and, whenever he has to express a cry from his heart, poetry.

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6 Responses

  1. James Sale

    Yes, Sally is right – a lovely poem and I especially like that arcane reference to Azrael in the final line. But equally I am intrigued – of all the gin joints in all the world!!! Can it be another poet writing from Bournemouth in England? Me too Tod and we certainly have not met! What a small world! The next thing is, you’ll be telling me you live in Queen’s Park and you’re 7 houses down the road.

    • Tod Benjamin

      Hall James,
      Thanks for the kind comment on the sonnet.
      With regard to Bournemouth, no not Queen’s Park but only a few minutes walk away, nearer to the Stour. And I must put you right! We have in fact met, though we didn’t have the opportunity to chat on that occasion. We both attended a hotel gathering of the RSA in Bournemouth – was it the Hallmark?

  2. David Hollywood

    What a lovely poem and effort. Your wife must be thrilled, and congratulations upon such a wonderful appreciation of a loved one.


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