(poetry by Bruce Dale Wise)

The Viacruces del Migrante, migrant caravan,
which started out two hundred strong has grown to thousands, and
keeps on increasing as it travels north through Mexico,
on foot, on trucks, these many moving thousands on the go.
What does Honduras have for them, or Guatemala too—
these cash-strapped, hopeless refugees—pray, tell, what will they do?
Though some had been deported from the U. S. years before,
they want to come back to America; they still want more.
How many others hid within, like gangs and ruthless men,
are desperate to join the group in hopes they can sneak in?
And those, who have not ever been here in America,
hope they can get into the Country anyway they can,
illegally or legally—that isn’t on their minds;
along the way, food, water, toilet paper, reach the lines.
Where are the Seven Cities filled with gold and gilded jobs,
that can absorb these wayward folks, these growing, going mobs?
Behind the scenes—who’s profiting? How many are deceived?
Do drug cartels believe they can make millions off of these?
Hondurans fly Honduran flags, the blue and white they knew:
Are they prepared to give them up for the red, white and blue?
Police just watch, in Mexico, the migrants move along.
Here comes the wretched refuse; huddled masses in a throng.



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12 Responses

    • Joe Tessitore

      The difference being that the Holy Family was responding to a law and wasn’t invading a foreign nation.

      • Joe Tessitore

        Neither did the Holy Family accept dark money to finance its journey,
        in exchange for allowing itself to be used as an October Surprise.

  1. CB. Anderson


    You’ve pretty much summed up the situation. What we know for sure is that Mexico doesn’t want to take these people in. Mexico just passes them along, because the authorities there realize that they cannot absorb an influx of third-worlders that do nothing to enhance their national identity. I say, have pity but also temper your pity with a measure of reason. These people, if they ever want to succeed, need to transform the countries where they came from and enact their own American Revolution, for otherwise, why would we need them here? Competence, as always, is a great virtue.

  2. Lud Wes Caribee

    With Mary’s vital observation, and a little alteration, L19 has now been changed to “Hondurans fly Honduras…flags, the blue and white they knew.”

    This is one of the problems with writing spontaneously, as I do. It’s easy to overlook things, to make errors in judgment, in spelling, in grammar, and even in facts.

    Of the several hundred poems I have manufactured this year, I daresay I have had errors in several dozens of them, even those printed online. When I see the error, or someone points it out to me, I change it, so on its next printing, it is corrected.

    Thanks Mary for taking the time to read my poem and pointing out the required emendation.

  3. Joseph S. Salemi

    It’s now coming out that this “caravan” has been organized by leftist organizations backed by the corrupt socialist government of Venezuela. The fact that the caravan is largely composed of able-bodied males shows that it is more of an army than a group of poor widdle unfortunates who want asylum.

    The Democrats made a big fuss about alleged Russian interference in our 2016 election. I wonder if they will make a peep about this blatant attempt by the leftist scum in Venezuela to influence our midterm elections.

    • C.B. Anderson

      My money is on: No, the Dimocrats will remain universally silent on this subject.

  4. Lud Wes Caribee

    It seems Pueblos Sin Fronteras (Peoples Without Borders) has organized the march, as they have been organizing migrant groups to the United States of America for over a decade. As Nikki Haley has pointed out, “The US has generous asylum and refugee programs, which are the proper channels for migration. This caravan is a breeding ground for human trafficking. The US is a country of laws. If we lose that, we lose everything this country was founded on.”

  5. Lud Wes Caribee

    There are lots of alarming things about the people in the caravans; but the thing that seems most shocking to me (that even the CDC is not sending forth an alarm) is the appearance of the extremely contagious and potentially deadly TB, which had been eradicated in our nation; but is now on the rise, and has appeared in the caravans.


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