On sunny days
We’re filled with “me.”
“I’m on my own
And feeling free!”

We have our job,
And casual friends.
The world feels strong
Like it won’t end.

Then clouds roll in,
And lightning, too.
Our plans all fail;
Life’s bills come due.

A friendship fades.
A lover leaves.
A child is lost.
A death to grieve.

These turns in life
Come to all souls.
We can’t escape
Exacting tolls.

Some ride these waves,
As bravely faced
Footholds regained
By God’s good grace.

Some fall beneath
The heavy surf,
Their friends and faith?
Perhaps a dearth.

So here’s the thing
I’ll share with you,
Make friends right now;
To them be true.

And kneel each night,
Pray to our God.
Thank Him for life,
Though hard to plod.

We’re here alone
Until we change:
Craft daily ways
Friends, faithengage!


Michael Charles Maibach began writing poems at age nine.  Since then he has continued writing poems, and sharing them with friends.  In November 2015 he opened a Facebook page – Poems of Michael Charles Maibach.  It offers 140 poems written since then. His career has involved global business diplomacy.  He is a native of Peoria, Illinois.  Today Michael resides in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.    

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3 Responses

  1. E. V.

    Good morning! Your message is true. I really liked the tidal analogy of some people being able to ride the “waves” while others are crushed by the “heavy surf”. Nice job.

  2. Joseph S. Salemi

    In your third quatrain, the correct spelling of the second word is “lightning.” There is no /e/ in it.


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