They look at you with contempt and sneer,
A haughty air permeating there.
“Equality” is their pernicious cheer;
Floating up high on corrupted air.

To battle for the poor, a masquerade,
Feigning to forge and dig the ditch.
Media to bolster their charade,
They scheme to materially enrich.

And what good have they ever done,
Atop their gilded soapboxes?
Any as their equal they will shun,
These sheep disguised as foxes.

As we keep the fire for our nation,
Marxists spout off sophistry.
So as we strive for liberation,
Their unions only seek their fee.

Alas, our moral landscape decays
And they indoctrinate our youth.
How long until of us they flay?
How long before “The Bureau of Truth”?


Dylan Price is currently an economist living in London. His non-economic previous publications are a mix of polemics, essays, and a recently released chapbook of Autumn themed classical poetry. His publications are currently available on Amazon.

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5 Responses

  1. benjamen grinberg

    an understanding i came to just as i went to read this poem,
    the things that come to be in the world are a balance, two halves, of substance and form. the less substance it is, the more superficial the form.

    the “penthouse bolsheviks” being an example. they utilize the forms in society but as their substance erodes with the erosion of morality, they become increasingly peripheral.

    • C.B. Anderson

      Not quite sure what you were getting at, but there were several very weak lines in this poem, e.g.:

      A haughty air permeating there

      Any as their equal they will shun

      How long until of us they flay

      Also, there were many metrical breakdowns. Reading between the lines, I could kind of see where Dylan was trying to go, but he needs to bring his razor to the strop and hone his craft.

      • benjamen grinberg

        I’m always getting lost in the ether instead of focusing on the details. As to that, I must say, I haven’t read poetry for a year and just recently got back to it. I agree with your observations.

        As to my comment on the theme… I feel that the battle against what the author calls by name… has basically been won. It just hasn’t reached the surface. Until it does, I try to use the time for self-reflection to see what traits I have in common with that social trend that is talked about. So as to eliminate any and all connections. I hope that is clear. Thank you.

      • Dylan

        Thanks for the feedback. My metrical spirit sometimes overcomes the need for structure, but appreciate the prosodic analysis.

  2. Rajendra Singh Baisthakur

    A good poem. Marxists are just one of the organizations founded on force and terrorism intent on destruction. I could not understand how such people can be compared to sheep which is a symbol of meekness. (‘these sheep disguised as foxes’). Perhaps it is the other way round ‘these foxes disguised as sheep’.


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